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The “Believe in Kids Pledge” by RBC

RBC has a great initiative called the RBC Believe in Kids Pledge.

This pledge is a $100 million commitment over 5 years to improve the well-being of at least 1 million kids. We always say that kids are our future, and RBC believes this 100%! That is why they support a variety of charitable and community health, education, arts and sports programs for children and youth.

Their 3 main areas of support center around Children’s Mental Health, After School Project and Sports. The RBC After School Project really spoke to my family, We would love to share with you a video featuring Patricia’s story:

You can see the passion she has for learning and helping others!

There are so many kids who would benefit from a fabulous after school program like the one that RBC has helped support. Many children have full-time working parents who cannot be home when the bell rings at 4 o′clock. The RBC After School Project provides funds to help support children by providing them with a safe place to go after school. It also allows them a place to work on their homework, social skills and self-esteem. Learning is an all day event that intertwines with all aspects of our lives. That is why RBC supports after school programs.

How great is it that Patricia can spend extra time working on her homework and she and her parents do not need to worry about it at the end of the day after an hour and ten minute drive back home?  Patricia also gets to give back to the program by being a tutor and participating in arts and sports with younger children. As we see in the video, this is a passion of hers and something that she looks forward to being able to extend with dreams of becoming a nurse.

So far RBC have given more than $30 million in donations to after school projects.

I would love to see every community benefit from fantastic after school program like this.

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Shannon V

Saturday 7th of December 2013

Great to see large corporations helping in our communities. I wish there were more of this.

Brittany Hamilton

Sunday 10th of November 2013

I think this is a great idea!! RBC is doing great things for these kids!!

Nimrah Fareed

Wednesday 6th of November 2013


Dwayne Taylor

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

what a great thing to do....way to go RBC !!!

Tara Crawford

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

I love how RBC gives back to the community makes me happy knowing they aren't like everyone else