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The PlasmaBike ~ A Balance Bike by PlaSmart

Reflecting on growing up and some of the toys I played with, I can remember some of the best toys not requiring batteries.  Looking at the toys my children have, many do have batteries, even some of their outside toys.  What ever happened to a good old fashioned bike ride?  I know this can be a challenge for some children who are still learning the fine art of balance that is required for bike riding.  PlaSmart is well known for the popular Plasma Car, but it also has a great product that is an alternative to a bike with training wheels, introducing the Plasma bike.


This two wheeled bike has 2 extra wide wheels which allow the child to balance own their own, but still gives them the stability they need to propel themselves.  The extra wide tires also gives the child the stability and helps them feel comfortable with this new adventure of ditching the trike or training wheels for a “big kid bike”.

There are several aspects of this bike that makes it very easy for children to ride and manipulate.  The bike does have steering, however it is limited to help children learn to steer by leaning.  Also the bike is light.  Weighing  less than 8 pounds, this bike can be ridden, dragged or carried anywhere.  Even parents who need to drive to a place to use the bike can easily do so.  Or pick up the bike for clean up or nap time.

There are very few moving parts on this bike.  No chains, no metal pieces, no seats to adjust.  Just have your little one (less than 55 pounds) jump on and play play play.  What a great way to encourage self-esteem, fine motor skills and help reduce anxiety for first time bike riders.

This fully assembled PlasmaBike is a great investment in your child that will help them develop their skills early.  By giving your child a head start, they will thank you later in life.



Wednesday 16th of May 2012

Neat design


Saturday 12th of May 2012

What a great idea. My son is a bit intimidated by his balance bike right now. I think this would be the perfect solution!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Saturday 12th of May 2012

This really is a wonderful invention, thanks for your comment!