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I am definitely soaking up this nice weather and I must say my nails are enjoying it too! I know, I do too many designs with flowers, but they always look so nice! These Pink Flower Ombre Nails are a rather girly design I must say but I think it is rather fun.

Who doesn’t enjoy pink ombre nails once in a while, even if it isn’t your favorite?

Pink Flower Ombre Nails


If you really don’t like the pink though you can always use different colors for the design. Feel free to make it your own. That’s half the fun of doing your nails, being unique and creative.

To make this spring design you will need two shades of pink, a light and a dark, white, black, a dark brown polish and a glitter polish. Also, a small dotting tool (or toothpick) a medium and very thin brush and a makeup sponge.

I started with the light pink as my base color.

After applying two coats I let it dry a bit and then pulled out my makeup sponge. I painted the end of it with white (make sure you don’t get too much polish on the sponge or you won’t get the gradient effect as well )  and dabbed it on the top 1/2 of my nail making the pink blend into the white.

I did this again over just the top 1/4 or my nail making the white the boldest there. Now you have your ombre base!

Ombre Flower Nails

Then I painted the flower with the darker pink making three petals on each flowers using my medium thick brush.

Next, I took that same brush and painted some brown in the center of the flower.  Take the thin brush next and outline the petals with black adding some swirls to fill up the leftover space.

I then put some white dots in the center of the flower and some over the light pink base. Last, of all add some glitter to the middle of the flower and your done!

To see more beautiful nail art created by Meg, check out our Nail Art and Design Board on Pinterest or follow Meg on Instagram at  megsnails1360.

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Stephanie LaPlante

Saturday 11th of April 2015

Those are so pretty!!! Perfect for spring.

kathy downey

Saturday 11th of April 2015

Awesome job on the nails,I love the spring design

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Friday 10th of April 2015

I can't believe how inventive you are Megan. Another super design :-)

Heidi c.

Thursday 9th of April 2015

What a pretty, intricate design. So perfect for spring!

Debbie W

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

My workplace would not allow this, but I would like to see how creative I can be.