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Mystery Number


Somehow, by adding the word Mystery to any child’s activity, it adds so much interest;  they’re hooked!  This week’s activity is another easy set up.  All that is needed is tiny papers, a pencil, some objects to count, and some interested children.  The idea is that the adult provides a secret number of objects, and the children count them, writing down the number much like a vote.  At the end of the week, the adult reads all of the counts the children wrote, and counts the objects together.   It is so exciting every Friday when the Mystery Number is revealed.  This is an activity that I like to incorporate into other areas of the classroom, since changing objects is such a quick update.  For example, if we are looking at tide pools on the science shelf, I may put out little fish to count.  Right now, I have fall items.

What will you count this week?

Jessie is a Primary Montessori Teacher and Mom to twin three year olds and a five year old.  Jessie has a Montessori blog at The Education Of Ours, and can be found on Twitter.  See her other Mommy Moment posts here.

Deb @ Living Montessori Now

Wednesday 14th of September 2011

This is awesome, Jessie! It's so true that the word "mystery" makes an activity more fun! I love your idea of changing the activity according to theme or season. I always look forward to reading your posts each week! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button or link back, that would be awesome!) I featured this at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

Mommy Moment

Sunday 11th of September 2011

Jessie, what a fun activity. My youngest would enjoy this.

Practical Parenting

Sunday 11th of September 2011

Very true. Adding an element of mystery makes it fun! Will try this starting tomorrow :)