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Movember – and this is as good as it gets #TeamThomas

Movember is over. Here I am….the first day of December. Take one last look at that stashe…or lack there of.


The photo above is after 30 days… not much different than my day 1 photo of Movember below.


As I hold my razor and look in the mirror at my beautiful face full of shaving cream.  And a single tear is rolling down my cheek.  Yes, it is the end of Movember and I am dealing with a mixed bag of emotions.

Looking back at my earlier pictures while I was “mid-stash” all i could thing about was…MAN WAS I EVER UGLY.  Come on, seriously man, my stashe looked gross.  And there several others who agreed.  There were even some people who offered me cash if I would shave it off early.  But alas….it was never meant to be.

I am not sure what I was thinking when Movember began and I started to grow this stashe, I knew from day 1 it was not going to be pretty.  Maybe it would give me magical powers, or make me wise, but nope.  I was plain old me….with very few and sparse hairs on my upper lip.  I knew the Tom Selleck look was not going to happen, or the Hulk Hogan handle bars were not in my future, but hey…I gave it a shot.

Lets look at the positive of what I have accomplished.  First thing I learned a lot about Men’s health issues.  The Movember Foundation is doing some great things for Men’s health.  We all have some men in our lives and we want them to be healthy.  The second thing I accomplished was raising funds for this great foundation.  To the tune of $800.00.  Thanks to the many friends, family members and strangers who helped me reach my goal. The last I checked, our team (Team Thomas) raised a total of $12,520!!!  You guys all rock and I learned that there are many people who care about Men and will support a cause for them.

So here I am….getting ready to shave off the hairs that have been my badge to promote Men’s health this past month.  I am just hoping that once I shave this off, my muscles will not turn to putty and awesome looks will not go down the drain like my upper lip hairs will eventually do….