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Month in photos ~ August

I used to do Wordless Wednesday posts, and decided last month to start month of photos posts instead on the last day of each month.

Here is my August recap.

August Photos

  1. august photosMy girls making potholders
  2. Duo Voltart at the Ford event in Gatineau was amazing
  3. My girls helped collect food for the food bank during the parade
  4. We enjoyed evenings of sitting by the fire with friends
  5. I bought a quilt – a very special one – the pieces used to make it were the last embroidery pieces my grandma made before she died. The local museum made the quilt and the proceeds from me purchasing it went to charity
  6. We went on a road trip to Minneapolis and the girls enjoyed having a snack in the American Girl Bistro
  7. Another photo taken at American Girl
  8. We had our regular dentist appointments – the girls got to be dental assistants during my exam 🙂
  9. We started our canning – this photo is of our cinnamon and peach jam made with honey

August is also my birthday month.

I had a very special mommy daughter date with my girls this month – I think it will become a more regular thing!!

I got a very personal plaque from my friend Angela and my amazing husband bought me a coach bag for my birthday.

august pictures

I mentioned that I wanted a teapot in the July month in photos post – well I’m happy to say I got the teapot from my mom.I also got a pair of earrings from my friend Angie who lives in Paraguay and I was treated to supper and cake from my friends Andrew and Mindy. I got other cards and gifts and so many well wishes on Facebook – it truly was a wonderful birthday.

Tell me about some of your highlights from August!




Monday 2nd of September 2013

That's a really great way to keep all your memories together! One of my big highlights in August was my daughter's second birthday and then the double birthday party we did for my son and daughter.

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Monday 2nd of September 2013

Awe, I bet the birthday parties were very special. I think I will like being able to look back each month and see some of the highlights :)