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Monday’s Montessori Moment & Link-up

I am in my Snow White’s room writing this post as she is sleeping. Tomorrow she starts maternelle (kindergarten). She will be getting on the bus shortly after 7:30 am and returning home around 4:30.I can not help but think about the next stage of life we are entering. I’m sure going to miss her!

I am not too sure how the Montessori posts will change as Snow White may not choose any Montessori work in the evenings or weekends – the focus may be more on little Belle (25 months).

One new activity that my mom found at a second hand store was a big hit! Snow White and her uncle sat at the table and worked. It is called tic tac toc.

It comes with little tacks, a hammer, some different shaped pieces, and cork board. The tacks are really tiny, so this is a great fine motor activity.

One activity that Belle really loves lately is sorting.

I took a bunch of little people that I got from Colleen and hid a monkey in it. I did not tell her, but wanted to see what she would do.
She took people from pink container and placed them into the yellow one…

Until she spotted the monkey!

After she took the monkey out (she was not happy that there was a monkey in the pile) she sorted out the people. This took me by surprise, but I followed her lead.

Once she had them in piles I counted them with her. She loved it.

Our girls both love to bake. Snow white helps little Belle put on her apron.

And then she gave her a little French lesson…check out the short video.

So that was a bit of our week in our Montessori inspired home.
Want to see what’s in her lunch today? She helped me with the prep and we had so much fun!!! We call it Lovable Lunch!

What did you do this week? Feel free to link up your posts!

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Tuesday 14th of September 2010

Love those activities. I need to try something like that sorting activity with my 2 yo son. Why don't I think of things like that on my own? Good thing Mommy Moment is here!

Your girls are so, so cute! Loved the video.

Mommy Moment

Monday 13th of September 2010

The girl who painted trees,I just had to share the video with my readers. Moments like that melt my heart.I am so happy I can send Snow White to maternelle, but let me tell you, today has been a very tough day for this mama! Miss her more than words can say!

The girl who painted trees

Monday 13th of September 2010

That video is too precious! Your girls are so adorable. Like I've moaned before, I really wish I had a maternelle to send Bear to! I'm sure you will miss her tremendously though.

Mommy Moment

Monday 13th of September 2010

Alex, Thanks for the comment.Your video of Racer is so cute! Thanks for sharing!



Monday 13th of September 2010

Aww! Too precious :) I love the video of them :D

Snow White might get a kick out of this:

It's Racer counting to 10 in french back in 2008 when he started Maternelle. He'd never counted to 10 before in French until he started school. The video was taken Sept. 29th 2008 :D