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Minimize Monday ~ The Girls Tiny Bedrooms {Linky}

Welcome to Minimize Monday, a new weekly feature on Mommy Moment. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who feels a little overwhelmed at times by the amount of stuff that can accumulate in home. Although I am not ready to become a minimalist, I want to find a comfortable balance between clutter and minimalist living.

Minimize Monday : Mommy Moment

Every Monday I will post about getting rid of stuff. It may be a box full, it may only be one item, but by the end of the year I am guaranteed to have at least 52 less things in my house. Not only will I be getting rid of stuff, I have decided on a new house rule….

Every time something new comes into the house, something else must leave. 

So what do you think? Want to take the Minimize Monday Challenge with me? Every week you can link up your Minimize Monday post right here on Mommy Moment.

I’m starting this first Minimize Monday with a bang. I decided to tackle the girls bedrooms while they were away at grandma’s for the night. Our girls rooms are tiny. I mean really, really small…take a look for yourself. 

This is Kate’s Room. She is 6 years old.

Kate's Tiny Room : Mommy Moment

And this is 3 year old Jane’s Room…

Jane's Tiny Bedroom : Mommy Moment

Now that you can see how small they really are, you know why I have to be careful about how much stuff we accumulate.

I went through the girls clothes and boxed up clothes that were too small. I got rid of 3 boxes!

3 boxes to get rid of : Minimize Monday : Mommy Moment

So, what do you think? Can you part with something this week?

I’d love for you to grab the button and link up below.


Saturday 14th of January 2012

I'll be joining in! I have a ton of stuff to get rid of. I can manage at least 1 item a week. Earlier today I finally got rid of a plastic step stool that was just collecting dust (and spider webs underneath, yuck!). Thanks for the great idea! I also joined your GFC, FB Twitter, G+ & emails.

[email protected]

Monday 9th of January 2012

I definitely need to start sorting through toys, shoes and clothes to donate/give away/consign. I'll be joining in too!

Mommy Moment

Monday 9th of January 2012

Awesome to have you on board!!

Katrina Brady

Monday 9th of January 2012

I've joined you in the hunt! Looking around, I don't think this will be difficult lol

Mommy Moment

Monday 9th of January 2012

So happy to have you join Minimize Monday! I think it will be a blast :)


Monday 9th of January 2012

Coming back from our holiday trip last week, my 7 and 8 year-old and I went through their bedrooms. After four days, we had 4 moving boxes of toys for their little cousin, one box for charity and 2 huge trashbags. What a chore, but so worth it! I feel like a weight has been lifted. I was actually surprised by how much my daughters were willing to give up.

Mommy Moment

Monday 9th of January 2012

That is awesome Michelle, must have felt great! Thanks for leaving a comment :)

Insane Mamacita

Monday 9th of January 2012

I will join in! But I have to do it on the sly as my husband dislikes when I get rid of stuff. But I really need to start organizing as our house is pretty small too. And after Christmas, it is overflowing right now.

Mommy Moment

Monday 9th of January 2012

So glad that you will be joining in. Hopefully your hubby will not notice if you are just getting rid of a few things each week. I'm sure you will feel great about it, I know I do!