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Minimize Monday ~ The gift closet with Linky

I can’t believe August is knocking at the door. Where is summer going?

Confession, I have a gift closet. I love to purchase things when I find a good deal and store them in the gift closet for those times we need a quick gift. I believe this is a great idea….


My gift closet is over flowing, so I was happy that my girls raided it this weekend to find the perfect gifts for their friends who are going back to Alberta this week. They did not empty the closet, but at least a few things are gone!

I have decided that I will not purchase anything that is a good deal if there is not room in my gift closet. It is hard, but I’m sure I can stick to it.

Minimize Monday : Mommy Moment


Monday 30th of July 2012

I've got a big gift rubbermaid bin, and the bottom of my closet, and on my shelf. hmmm.. I might need to list out what I have and put the reins on, too. But I get how it's hard not to buy the fabulous deals. We can give great gifts this way, and not break the budget. But limits.... sigh... I'll follow that, too.