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Minimize Monday ~ Every bit counts

Well, this journey of getting rid of stuff has been going on for about 5 months. I am proud of myself for getting rid of stuff almost every week, but the truth is, it is exhausting.

I’m not giving up though!

How are you feeling? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes time to clean out?

This week I brought a whole vehicle load to the local thrift store. I could have sold some of it on a local buy and sell, but I had had enough. With going through renovations and having my house split in 2 I just wanted to clean out! We also found a listing for a guy that would pick up old appliances so we got him to take away an old stove!



Monday 18th of June 2012

I am totally on board with this! We've been clearing out for a few months. This is extra motivation to keep it going!


Monday 18th of June 2012

We are painting the whole house!! So I am using this opportunity to purge all the excess out of our house. Everything I think I want to keep goes into a bin. But nothing comes out with out a home otherwise I don't need it! I think I already have a truck load for charity :)