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Mattels Fijit Friends are sure to please this Christmas!

This week my daughter got a new best friend who is green, squishy, and interactive.  Her name is Sage and she is one of 4 different Fijit friends made by Mattel.

Fijit review : Mommy Moment

This interactive Mattel toy has its own personality. My daughter will talk to Sage and will give her a simple command.  Sage obeys in her own fun way.  For example, this toy is filled with jokes, songs and music your Fijit can dance to.  What makes this Fijit so interesting for my daughter is the way she can interact with it.  The simple phase of “Chat with me” will provide several questions for my daughter to answer so the Fijit will get to know her better.

Another cool thing about this toy is the way it moves to every action.  Whether it is dancing, sleeping, or telling a joke, it’s realistic movement provides endless joy to my daughter.  Even when dancing, it can provide its own music to dance to or it will pick up the beat of your own music and move accordingly.

So what else can I say about this squishy, interactive friend.  There is nothing else to say because she says it all and I love its positive encouraging messages that encourage kids to get up and think postively about themselves.  I think this toy is a great because it has been a huge hit with Kate, so for that reason I would recommend a Fijit friend for anyone with young girls.  And the only way I can conclude this review is with a quote directly from Sage herself…“You’re A Cutie”.

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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for this post. As always, the views are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation to write this post.

Doris C

Sunday 4th of December 2011

omg, I have to dig out a picture of my sister when she was your daughter's age, they could be twins!! Hair, cheekbones, smile I am feeling dejavu:) Would be nice if it was her because that would mean I was young again!