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Marriage is not always easy


To others looking in, our marriage looks wonderful.

And it is.

Wonderful does not mean easy though.

I give no credit to myself for the strong marriage my husband and I have. I truly believe that we have come through 11 years of marriage because we put God first.

From Day One.

God has been teaching me to show respect to my husband. God has been showing my husband how to show me love.

What really makes my husband feel respected is by me complimenting him…thanking him for being a hard-worker, writing him a note saying I appreciate that he works a difficult job to support our family. By showing him respect in this way, he responds to me in love.  He tells me I’m beautiful, he hugs me, he tells me I am a good mommy and he sits quietly to listen when I cry.

Do we I sometimes yell? Sadly yes.

Do we get impatient? Yes

Does this mean we allow ourselves to grow apart? Heck NO!

A friend shared this video on her Facebook Page to celebrate her and her husbands anniversary. It spoke to me, so although it may mean something different for everyone, I wanted to share it with all of you.


What do you do to try to keep your marriage strong?

Canadian Mom Blogger

Friday 8th of June 2012

We're not perfect either, but in the end, we are each others' best friend and we are completely dedicated to one another.

Multi-Testing Mommy

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Wonderful post and I love that picture with your sign language!

You have given me a nice reminder to show appreciation more often!

In our kitchen, I have three words up - I need to read them every day! Respect. Forgive. Appreciate


Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Wonderful post, Jody. This is such a timely reminder for many especially with the pressures and stress of day-to-day. In a day and age where children even come before spouses now, we need to be reminded that Christ should be the centre of our marriage/family.

I remember hearing someone once explain putting Christ in the centre of your marriage by likening it to a triangle. They said that Christ is at the top point of the triangle, and you and your husband are at the other opposite points, and as you grow closer to God and the top of the triangle, you also get closer to each other.

Shari G

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

We work on our marriage every day. It's so true, so many couples I know give up when it's hard. They don't work on things, and they say well it got to this point and we tried to work on it now, but it didn't work out. Well you don't wait until the end to work it out. You work on it daily. That is what God shows me every day. Something I have done since we started dating (9 years before we got married) was when I am really really mad at him, and want to throw something at him, or walk out the door, I do something for him. I hear God's voice in my heart saying do this or that for him, and I sometimes try to fight it. But it is really hard to stay mad at someone when you know you are doing something for them that will make them happy. We have learned over they years to give each other space when needed, but I know that no matter what he still loves me. I had a Pastor once say "Love isn't something you fall into, it's something you jump into". That really hit me, b/c falling isn't voluntary, jumping is. You choose daily to love that person, and through the grace of God you will continue to choose that.

Brandy @insanemamacita

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

So very touching Jody. It is sad to see so many marriage's failing. Marriage is hard work. It's not easy but if you want to treasure it, you need to put the work in.