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Little Angels Screening Party

This past weekend we got together with friends of ours and had a Little Angels Screening Party!

If you haven’t heard of these DVDs yet, here is a description of them:

In Little Angels, four year old twins, Alex and Zoe, have eight Little Angels looking out for them.  The angels live on a mural on the nursery’s ceiling and come to life when the kids need them most.  They act as teachers, protectors and friends – to instruct and guide.  Each angel has a distinct personality and I know your kids will just love every one of them!

Little Angels will provide your family with real practical skills such as learning theirABC’s and 123’s.  It also will teach them core family values, such as the importance of being kind and sharing, of being truthful and honest and of showing gratitude and love.  The angels also offer your kids a glimpse into the world of the Bible by whisking Zoe and Alex back in time to some favorite Biblical stories.  Along the way we meet Noah, Jonah, and Joshua, and of course, we witness Jesus teaching and healing.

Alex and Zoe face the same challenges all kids do and our Little Angels are always there to help them along the way.  And because the angels are messengers from God, our Little Angels are there to remind Alex and Zoe (and our little viewers at home) that they are never alone, for God is always watching over them and loving them.  In addition, Little Angels is super cute and funny with colorful animation and adorable characters along with charming, upbeat sing-along music!

In our Little Angels screening party packs we were sent different activities to do, as well as angel wings and halos for the little party goers to dress up in.  The girls loved getting dressed up as angels (the boy, not so much)

After everyone was dressed up and had some fun “flying” around the house, we set out the activities.  Since the age groups varied from 3 to almost 7 we decided to let them each pick which activity they would enjoy the most.

The older girls really loved their activity sheets and worked on them throughout the evening.

After we were done with the activities the kids couldn’t wait to watch the DVDs. They were also excited to have popcorn to watch the DVDs and the specialty peanut butter and jelly popcorn that was sent along with the DVDs was a treat!

The Little Angels DVDs were a hit with all the kids!  They loved the stories and music.  As soon as one DVD was over they immediately asked to watch another one.

When we asked the kids what their favorite part of the Little Angels DVDs were they responded with “The music!”, “The stories about Jesus!” and the fact that the angels helped the kids when they were scared or in trouble.

The great thing is that these DVDs are only about 30 minutes long so it is the perfect length to keep the smaller ones’ attention.  Each DVD comes with a sing-along video as well as downloadable activity sheets for your little one to enjoy!

I was really encouraged to see a DVD series that teaches moral lessons, teaches them to trust in God and that God loves them.

Little Angels will be out in stores February 14th – Why not try them out and see what you and your kids think of them!