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Keurig Rivo [Italian experience at your home coffee bar]


We are a coffee family.  We have always loved a good cup of joe in the morning or having numerous coffee choices for our guests. I wanted to be able to offer even more selections than just a regular cup of coffee, I wanted to be able to offer up a cappuccino or a latte or even an expresso.  Keurig Rivo does not disappoint! This new brewer is a perfect addition to our coffee bar.


The Keurig Rivo is the latest brewer from Keurig.  The first thing you notice is the 5 buttons that open up a world of combination and beverage options, both hot and cold.

First you add your choice of Rcup and then choose a tall or short.  The next step is the frothing option.  With a cold froth, latte froth or cappuccino froth you can choose what you want for your fresh option.  Go to Keurig Rivo Recipes to get the basic recipes and take off from there.  With simple instructions you can make what you want, when you want it.


With all these options you can make anything you want at a fraction of a price from that shop down the street and enjoy it in your own home.  With cups from Lavazza, the authority in Italian coffees, you and be assured you are getting authentic coffee.  Combine that with your own fresh milk you have what it takes to make what you desire.  And with the assistance from the Keurig Rivo you have what it takes to make it.


Authentic, Fresh and Simple…that is the best way to sum up the Keurig Rivo.  An excellent addition to your coffee bar for that daily treat you deserve.


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Linda B

Tuesday 27th of May 2014

I have seen these machines advertised on a few different sites and have had my eye on them. I own a Keurig Special Edition and love it but after seeing this Keurig Rivo, I believe like you I'd like to be able to have and offer a variety of drinks to company that I may entertain. They sound amazing and make so many different varieties of coffee, cappicinos and late's. YUM!


Monday 26th of May 2014

nice. We just have a regular Keurig. This would be fun to have as well. I wonder if the foamy milk would be good hot chocolates, or a London Fog?

Christy Martin

Saturday 24th of May 2014

I have yet to purchase a Keurig. I have really sat on the fence with regards to the cost of K-cups. However, I know that reusable cups are available and I am fortunate enough to live fairly close to an ECS Coffee location. This being said, my last place or work had a Keurig or something similar. They mainly stocked Timothy's brand. As a coffee drinker, it was similar or better than an original store bought Timothy's cup of coffee. It was fresh. Every cup was the 1st. It was not stored in a carafe.

kathy downey

Thursday 22nd of May 2014

This machine looks and sounds awesome !

Amy Lovell

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

I have a keurig mini, Mine definatly does not do that! Although I would love if it did!