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The weather has a huge effect on how we spend our days. Chances are if it’s raining, your children will be sequestered indoors, looking for something to do.

This time of year is notorious for rainfall and chilly temperatures, making sending the kids out to play difficult. Being inside doesn’t have to mean immediate boredom.

Spending the day inside your home can be fun too! You just have to take the time to plan activities that everyone can enjoy.


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  1. Play dress up and have a fashion show.
  2. Make a blanket fort and read your child’s favorite stories.
  3. Build an indoor obstacle course and challenge each other to finish first.
  4. Put together a puzzle as a family.
  5. Make sock puppets and have a puppet show.
  6. Make jewelry and show it off.
  7. Cook/bake something new together.
  8. Have a dance contest, the winner gets a cupcake.
  9. Have a tea party with all your child’s stuffed animals.
  10. Make Playdough and create something neat.
  11. Play Hide and Seek.
  12. Colour a picture and then make a DIY frame to display it in.
  13. Make new crafts together.
  14. Make paper airplanes and see whose flies farther.
  15. Read and act out a favorite story.
  16. Play board games.
  17. Have a pillow fight.
  18. Go camping in the living room with a tent, sleeping bags and s’mores.
  19. Blow up some balloons and play keep away.
  20. Play “21 Questions” or “I Spy.”
  21. Play freeze dance.
  22. Learn a new song and rehearse it.
  23. Karaoke anyone?
  24. Write letters to family members or friends living far away.
  25. Have a spa day, but don’t forget to paint those toenails.
  26. Pick a theme and have a movie marathon.
  27. Write a story together and then illustrate and read it.
  28. Finger Paint, because getting messy is fun.
  29. Plan your DIY Fairy Garden.
  30. Make a Scrapbook together.

If the weather is wet and dreary, you don’t have to worry. There are so many fun and amazing things to do indoors as a family.

Sometimes, the best fun is spur of the moment fun.

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Lynda Cook

Wednesday 28th of February 2018

Some great ideas here, we love making forts my granddaughter thinks the blanket forts are awesome!!