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Justa Wee Bab Nursing Necklace #Giveaway


Nursing Necklace

Justa Wee Bab makes necklaces that make nursing easier for Moms and their babies.

These nursing necklaces are made of solid maple and finished with 100% organic olive oil and beeswax with a hint of lemon.

These necklaces come in different sizes depending on the age of your baby and your comfort level and can be custom made just for you! You can pick the color of beads (pick yours & your baby’s birthstone colors) or choose between either a hemp or satin rope for the necklace chain. Each necklace comes in a pretty gift bag.

Justa Wee Bab is also making new necklaces with shapes. The shapes will include: a flower, simple bird, mushroom, tear drop, breastfeeding symbol and owl. These will be available in the next week or so.

Also check out Justa Wee Bab’s wooden teethers:

Teething Ring


One of the biggest “problems” with nursing a baby is how easy some of them can become distracted or play with things they’re not supposed to. For instance, some babies pull hair, pinch or scratch while they are feeding which makes the mom uncomfortable or just plain hurts! Other times babies try to watch the outside world while nursing and become distracted with what’s around them.

The latter is what my daughter had a problem with. She was a baby that ALWAYS had to see what was going on around her. You had to hold her facing away from you even to fall asleep so that she wouldn’t miss a minute of the action.

These nursing necklaces give the baby something to focus on and play with when they are nursing.  



Enter for your chance to win a nursing necklace of your choosing



Justa Wee Bab Logo

I am a WAHM hoping to not only make nursing a bit easier for Mummy’s and their babes , but also look great at the same time. The idea of making nursing necklaces stemmed from the birth of my forth son, who is absolutely the hardest baby to settle. He pulls my hair, pinches, scratches and tries to look around. When I went online to shop for a nursing necklace, I was surprised by the cost and the lack of “creative” option. I decided to make my own and was pleased with the amount of interest from other mothers. Now that my son is ten months old I can not tell you what a life saver my my necklace is; whether I’m on the phone, paying at a checkout, or standing in line some where his little hands are busy.

The name “JUST WEE BAB” comes from my 3rd son when he was born my 2nd was under 2 and couldn’t say “little baby” so he called him “WEE BAB”.

Disclaimer: I received a product for testing it out and giving my own personal opinions of it. As always, the views are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation from Justa Wee Bab to write this post. This post is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other network. This post is the property of Mommy Moment™ and/or its above sponsor.


Wednesday 7th of September 2011

I like the green stone with hemp rope.

Christina Hughes

Wednesday 7th of September 2011

If I won I would chose the one with the charm. I am almost 6 months pregnant. And want an easy nursing exsperiance.

Jodi Kershuk

Wednesday 7th of September 2011

I like the double ring with the ocean blue bead at the top. Very pretty!


Wednesday 7th of September 2011

i like the large earth flower nursing necklace [email protected]

Robert Pyszk

Wednesday 7th of September 2011

The mushroom with satin rope is what I would choose if I won. Thank you for a great contest and a chance to win!