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There are many different benefits to having your children participate in chores and other household duties. As parents, we all need a little help around the house. In fact, things can seem downright overwhelming and when your children are able to lend a helping hand, it can help to relieve the stress.

The reality is, that while having our children help around the house is beneficial to us as parents, it is also very good for your children.

The importance of kids doing chores


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Helping around the house can provide children with a sense of pride and heighten their self-esteem. Think about it: children really appreciate feeling proud of the things they have achieved in life. When they get a great mark on a test, learn to ride a bike or win a race, they feel as though they have accomplished a task they set out to do.

The same can be said for chores. Make sure to praise your child for the great job they did performing their tasks. This will also help to raise their self-esteem and feel as though they have really contributed something important to the family and household.


There is no such thing as a cleaning fairy that comes along and tidies the house when your kids are at school or in bed. If children can see with their own eyes, and participate in the work that it takes to run a household, they will start to respect the results more.

This will help to create more awareness surrounding the messes they create and help to encourage them subconsciously to clean them up themselves. Participating in chores can help children gain a larger respect for the household and the people who reside there.


One of the most important reasons to involve your children in chores and household duties is to help them develop the life skills they will need later in life. These life skills will certainly help your children forever. We all need to learn to run a home and chores are a huge part of that.

There are many reasons that it is important to have your children performing chores. Not only will chores help them in their future, but it will also help them in the now, encouraging respect and self-esteem.

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Monday 25th of December 2017

My wife told me to comment bc of a contest. But i agree here. Kids should be helping in the family.


Sunday 24th of December 2017

My kids like the chore checklist.

Nikki Baker

Friday 22nd of December 2017

YES! I don't have any children of my own yet, but I 100% agree that children should do chores. I've met many children that have everything handed to them, and I personally think that they don't learn the lesson of hard work, and you have to work for things you want. Great post!

Linda H

Friday 22nd of December 2017

It's good to teach kids to help with chores when they are young and then to be responsible for a few chores around the house when they get older.

Ali P

Friday 22nd of December 2017

That's what I tell them when they help with chores- they're learning life skills for when they leave the house.