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Vitamin C. When I hear Vitamin C, I am brought back to my elementary years. I think of oranges and learning about sailors contracting scurvy while being at sea for months at a time.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and has long been known as the vitamin that people take when they want to stave off illnesses.

There is evidence that taking vitamin C can lower your chances of catching some kinds of viral illnesses.

health benefits of Vitamin C


There are many health benefits of Vitamin C.

Some people take Vitamin C when they want to feel better if they already have something like a cold or the flu because it’s been known to help.

But this vitamin is also considered to be a good way of boosting your immune system all the time not just for when you need help fighting something off.

This is one of the reasons why you should make it a daily practice to include Vitamin C in your daily diet.

Your immune system can affect every part of your body. When you add Vitamin C to the mix, it improves the way your system can handle everything.

Vitamin C can also help your immune system handle things like healing your skin when you get injured or get a skin infection. That’s because the vitamin boosts the amount of collagen the body makes which is effective in healing from a skin issue.

It also aids your adrenal glands in being able to bounce back. If you don’t have enough vitamin C it negatively impacts these glands by limiting their ability to deal with stress.

The way that vitamin C works to boost your immune health is found in its relationship to the white blood cells.

It causes your body to ramp up the number of white blood cells that your body has.

health benefits of Vitamin C


White blood cells are what rush to your aid when you get sick or get an infection.

When there’s enough vitamin C, all is well, and your immune system can handle the illness. But when there’s not, then you’ll find that not only will you remain sicker for a longer period of time, but you also seem to catch every little bug that comes along.

Because there are times that your body has enough vitamin C for fighting off whatever comes, you may not necessarily notice at first when you don’t.

What you need to remember is that every single time you do get sick, you need to add the vitamin C back into your system because your body is using it.

You can add vitamin C through the foods that you eat that are rich in this antioxidant.

You’ll find Vitamin C in fruits like oranges or mangos. But Vitamin C is also plentiful in berry fruits like blueberries, strawberries, pineapples and grapefruit.

Vegetables that contain the vitamin are ones like sweet potatoes or cabbage. You can also find it in spinach, green peppers, broccoli.

The amount of Vitamin C that you need daily will depend on whether you’re a man or woman and whether or not you’ve recently been ill.

If you’re trying to get it from natural foods, then you’ll want to try to eat five servings a day. Some people who find that they just can’t seem to get enough vitamin C in their diet or those who’ve been struggling to get their immune system to work better may want to consider taking a supplement.

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