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It is every parent’s dream to raise internally motivated children.  Children who naturally complete the tasks around the home designated to them without being asked.  Of course, the majority of the time it doesn’t work that way.

While we want our children to complete tasks around the home, it can be hard to come up with ideas for chores that kids can accomplish. Some of these chores are for younger children and some are for older children, but we hope these ideas for chores give you some helpful suggestions.


Ideas for chores for kids

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  1. Bring garbage to curb on garbage day

  2. Change bedding

  3. Clean bathroom

  4. Clean bathroom mirror

  5. Clean out car

  6. Clean room

  7. Clean toilet

  8. Clear dishwasher

  9. Clear table

  10. Do laundry

  11. Dust furniture

  12. Empty dishwasher utensil bin

  13. Feed pets

  14. Fold laundry

  15. Fold washcloths and small towels

  16. Get the mail

  17. Help with garden

  18. Help with grocery shopping

  19. Load dishwasher

  20. Make meals

  21. Make own breakfast

  22. Make own snack

  23. Make school lunches

  24. Make the bed

  25. Mop floor

  26. Mow lawn

  27. Organize shoes in entrance

  28. Peel vegetables

  29. Put clean clothes away

  30. Put dirty clothes in hamper

  31. Put groceries away

  32. Put toys away

  33. Rake leaves

  34. Set table

  35. Sort laundry

  36. Supervise younger children

  37. Sweep Floors

  38. Sweep out garage

  39. Take out trash

  40. Vacuum

  41. Wash car

  42. Wash windows

  43. Wash, dry and put away dishes

  44. Water flowers

  45. Water plants

  46. Weed yard

  47. Wipe down baseboards

  48. Wipe down cabinet doors

  49. Wipe up spills

What ideas for chores do you have?  Are there any that didn’t make it on this list?

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Calvin F.

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

That's a big list of chores, thanks.

Barbara Smith

Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Pet care is high on the list of children chores in our house, yard cleanup, food & water, walks, playtime etc..

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Friday 23rd of June 2017

Those sound like good chores for the children. Thanks for adding those ideas :)