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Children all over the country are counting down the months, weeks and hours until they can break free from the constraints of long school days. Freedom is close. It’s time to start planning and prepare for summer break.

Creating a purposeful transition from school to summer break helps everyone, especially the parents.

6 ways to prepare for summer break


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Countdown the days until the start of summer break with a calendar.

Like an advent calendar at Christmas time, the summer calendar gives you something to look forward to, but it isn’t snow related.

In fact, you can use the same idea to count down to the first day of school to get the kids pumped to go back.

A magnetic calendar that hangs on the fridge, is a great way to keep the calendar in a central location so that everyone can see it.


Friends are important to your children and they may be a little reluctant to leave them over the summer break.

These days it takes a lot more to keep kids connected with their friends over the break, and the kids know this.

Ease their stress by getting in contact with the parents of your child’s friend prior to the end of the school year. Exchange numbers and make plans to meet every so often throughout the break.


It is important to make sure that your little one knows that these changes are only temporary, but it is also crucial to listen to your kids when they express their feelings about summer break.

Take the time to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Things will most certainly go smoother when your kids are aware of the changes about to take place and the strategies in place to help them cope.


Throwing structure out the window on the last day of school is only doing a disservice to you and your family.

There are many children out there that have difficulties when it comes to sudden changes being made to their daily routine. It may be beneficial to them to get up around the same time as they did for school mornings for the first little while.

Taking the time to help them transition from intense structure to a more relaxed routine will benefit everyone in the long run.

Keep schedules as similar as you can for the first few weeks, slowly augmenting them as time passes. Bare in mind, keeping routines as similar as possible throughout summer break can help when it’s time to transition back to school.

how to prepare for summer break with kids


Having a good supply of sunscreen and insect repellant prior to summer break starting is a good idea. It is also beneficial to ensure that you have a well-stocked first aid kit for all the accidents waiting to happen.

Taking the time to make summer preparations prior to the first day of summer break, is helpful for both the wellbeing of your kids and your sanity.


Don’t forget to plan a fun summer break kick-off activity! It doesn’t matter if that means a barbecue with a hot dog bar for the kids or a water balloon fight after the last day of school, celebrating the start of summer break is sure to make sure that summer starts off on the right foot.

There are many ways to ensure that you are prepared for the beginning of summer break. Make sure to plan, communicate and have fun. Enjoy your summer break!

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Maria McLachlan

Monday 7th of May 2018

I love your bucket list! My kids will probably try and finish the first week knowing them!