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How to make a linkbar

Hi! So this is my first time posting- for those who don’t know me my name is Lena. I am super excited to be co-writing Mommy Moment with Jody. We are starting things off with a blogger tutorial- Blogs are my specialty, I founded Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates two years ago. So if you are looking for ways to better your blog check back every Saturday for blog tips and tutorials.

I am hoping every week to also feature one of my free layouts- so keep checking back so you can be the first to snag one!

Linkbar with simple text links:

1) From your Blogger dashboard, click “Layout“. You should now be at the “Page Elements” page. What we want to do is create a link under your navbar that says “add a Gadget“. The first thing you will need to do is to manually change the HTML in your blog to increase the places where you can add page elements. If you have page elements at the top, skip to step 6.

2) Click on your Layout tab and then click ‘Edit HTML’, Once there hit ‘Ctrl + F‘ to search your HTML template and type in showaddelement to locate the proper place in your HTML code to make changes. Now look for a place in the code that says:

Change the max widgets to 3 and the showaddelement to yes – You will now have two extra places where you can add page elements.

3) Scroll down a little further and find the place in the code reading:

Change the showaddelement to yes. You should now see options in your template to add page elements before and after your Blog Title.

4) One final place to change the code: Scroll down to where you see the code reading:

Change showaddelement to yes

5) You should now have an ‘Add a Gadget’ option between the Blog Title (header) and the blog post section. This is the place where you would select ‘Add a Gadget’ to add a horizontal navigation or menu bar. Once these changes have been made, click ‘preview’ to make sure that the changes are appearing correctly. Once you have verified that the changes appear correct, click ‘save template‘. You are now ready to add your links.
6) Write a new post for each page you want to link on your menu bar. The most common are Home, About, Favorites, Contact, but you could do anything. The links you use will be the URL for each specific post.
  • For Home, it will be your blog URL.
  • For Contact, it will be mailto:[email protected]
  • For an individual post, right click the post title, and “copy link location”
  • For a label category, right click the label name, and “copy link location”
7) On your Template/Layout, once at your Page Elements, click the rectangle under your ‘Header‘, which says ‘Add a Gadget’. Now in your gadgets select ‘HTML/JAVASCRIPT’. Now add this code- click on the text to download.

you can add as many lines as you like, you can add spaces between them to space the text out a bit.

8) Then move (click and drag) the new page element just under your header. ‘Preview’ to see if you want to change anything, if everything looks good then click ‘save’. Now you should have a linkbar- if you are having problems go back and review the steps or send me an email.

This weeks Feature Template: (click image to download)


Monday 1st of November 2010

Thank you Lena now to try and put it into practise . Your blog is amazing I love popping in just wish I had $250 for you to do my blog how I want it

Josefine Eriksson

Sunday 5th of September 2010


eita adnan

Thursday 8th of July 2010

Thanks Lena for giving us some info for blogger! you are very inspiring and talented!!

The Sunshine Crew

Thursday 4th of March 2010

Thanks for sharing, Lena. Thanks for walking me through the how to's, as you know that I am still a little lacking in the "tech-y-ness" of blogging, Jody.


Wednesday 3rd of March 2010

Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to info on making a blog button if you ever post about it.