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Hot Wheels Brings Families Together!

Hot Wheels have spanned generations since 1968.  The Hot Wheels brand by Mattel, is one of the most famous toy car makers today.  It is not unusual for many automobile manufacturers have licensed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their vehicles.  Hot Wheels may have been originally thought up for children, adults continue to love and collect these small die cast vehicles too!  While we are a family of 2 boys and 2 girls, we ALL can get into the fun that is Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels

As soon as the large box of Hot Wheels tracks and cars arrived, my kids were excited to open them up and start building.  I used their excitement to my advantage and made sure they knew that the living room had to be spotless before we started.  Before I knew it, they were working hard at cleaning up other toys and making sure all garbage was put away!

Hot Wheels Connector Club

Hot Wheels

At first they found it really hard to decide what we would start with, but we decided to start with the 5-Lane Tower Starter Set.  It didn’t take long for us to put all the track pieces together and start racing our cars!  By the time Daddy came home from work, we had added a few more track sets and were having a blast!

Hot Wheels Tracks

Of course, once Daddy got home, he wanted to play too, and we added the Quick Kick Loop and the Launch Pack.  That night, before we knew it, it was past the kids bedtime, but we hardly noticed because we were having too much fun creating new track combinations.

Do you have Hot Wheels tracks at home that you and your kids love to build?  Why not enter the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge?

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge is a cross-national competition implemented to inspire boys to build exciting, original and creative Hot Wheels® track. Participants will upload a picture of their track at, where they will be judged by an expert panel consisting of architects and creative specialists. The winner of the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge will win a huge Hot Wheels® Track Party for them and their friends, hosted by Hot Wheels®. The contest will run from March to August, and the winner will be announced in September.


1 lucky CANADIAN Mommy Moment reader will WIN a $50 Hot Wheels Prize Pack!!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us how many Hot Wheels vehicles are in your home.

***Giveaway is now complete. Please see our WINNER’S PAGE for winner’s information***

Angela Signature

Colleen Rose

Monday 4th of August 2014

56!we just counted !

Wanda Jean P

Sunday 3rd of August 2014

there are 0 in my home but there might be soon :)

Jennifer P.

Sunday 3rd of August 2014

Right now we have 8.

Laurie B

Sunday 3rd of August 2014

I would have to say that there are well over 300 Hot Wheel cars in our home... and about the same at Grandma and Papa's

Nena Sinclair

Sunday 3rd of August 2014

My grandson must have at least 70 Hot Wheels in his home! He loves them!