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Learning with Hot Wheels

Summer is a time when many students would rather throw away the books and spend their days playing.  But parents still wish for their kids to learn something over the summer.  Which is why we enroll them in swimming lessons and camps – to give them the opportunity to learn through play.

Hot Wheels Fundamentals

Hot Wheels also wants your child(ren) to continue learning throughout the summer months and the Hot Wheels® FUNdamentals program offers a fun and interactive way of learning.

Established in 2012, the FUNdamentals Learning Program gives children from kindergarden to grade one the opportunity to learn basic skills, including counting, colouring, language, patterns and more.  Designed to be used both in the home and classroom, FUNdamentals includes lesson plans for math, science, visual arts and language.

Hot Wheels

Of course, what better way to learn than through imagination?  With Hot Wheels tracks, your little one can create their own fun learning environment.  Racing vehicles side by side, seeing who can race through the track at the fastest time, or creating your own track building competition are all great ways to keep your little one’s mind sharp throughout the hot days of summer.

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Stephanie LaPlante

Friday 26th of June 2015

That's a very cool toy!