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Have you heard of sweetbabydealz?!?

Who wants a sweet deal?

I think we all love a great deal! There is a website set up by 2 mom’s who want to ensure your baby always has the sweetest swag at great prices. is a great way to find top quality products at very cost effective prices.

The premiss of this site is simple…to save you lots of money.  The way this site works is, they find a product and sell it to you at a significantly reduced price.  The best part is that these moms only sell items that they would be comfortable using for their own babies!

There is a limited amount of stock, so when it’s gone…so is the deal.  You can get e-mail notifications to help you in finding what they have in stock and make the best decision for your child.  But just remember that inventory changes weekly.

This week be sure to check out the deals on Smitten Baby products.  There are a limited amount, so hurry & also be sure to use the discount code for further savings.  “encompass5”

enCompass Media


Monday 6th of August 2012

Yay! I love sites like this and I'm so excited to see a Canadian one! Most I've found are based in the U.S. so having a Canadian option is wonderful!