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Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes

Peekaboo…This is something many parents and early years childhood educators hear all the time.  Peekaboo is a great way to explore and see the world around them.  It is also a great way to learn more about that world.  That is the motivation for the Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes.

Guidecraft Peekabook Lock Boxes
These 6 blocks are equipped with locking mechanisms that help children explore the functionality of 6 different types of locks.  The locks are simple to use and teach children the concepts of open and close.

Lock Box
The block itself is made of wood and is build very well.  The craftsmanship shows in its quality.  They are small enough that chubby little fingers and grab them, yet large enough that they will not be a chocking hazard.  The doors of each block are have a unique color that has a corresponding shape of that same color.  The shape is designed to fit into the top of the block making it a fun and educational challenge for your child or student.  The back of the block is also transparent int he appropriate color of the shape and door making it a a great peekaboo action for your youngsters.

guidecraft lock boxes
The blocks also come with a tray with spots for each of the 6 blocks.  They are color coded so the blocks also have a special space for each spot.  The tray also has edges were little fingers can easily pick it up and carry it with ease.

guidecraft lock boxes
The learning potential from these blocks are endless.  By helping children with problem solving and becoming proficient in using fine motor skills children will have a leg up by mastering these learning tools.  Muscles will be built which will translate into other tasks with hands being easier for children as they grow older.

guidecraft lock boxes

These lock boxes from Guidecraft have been a great addition to our home classroom and we look forward to seeing the potential these blocks will have in working with more difficult tools in the future.

lock boxGiveaway Moment:

You can enter to win a set of Peekaboo Lock Boxes from Guidecraft on Planet Weidknecht.

Guidecraft Educator

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