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Glass Dharma ~ The Original Glass Straw #Giveaway

Have you ever had a milkshake or a smoothie and tried sipping through a regular plastic straw?  What happens?  The straw collapses and you can’t get your drink out of the glass.  Disappointing, right?

Well with glass straws from Glass Dharma, not only can you sip your milkshake without a collapsing straw, you can help the environment while you sip!

Thousands of restaurants serve millions of customers every year.  And with each meal, how many plastic straws do you think get served along with the drink?

Glass straws from Glass Dharma can help combat the problem that plastic straws put on our environment.  True, the glass straws I buy will not eliminate the problem, nor will it even make a dent in the grand scheme of things, but they are a step in the right direction.

Everyone that has seen these straws are filled with delight.  Not just because they promote health and are environmentally friendly, but that they do these things with elegance and style.

Plain and simple, here’s how and why they work:

  • Glass straws don’t leach toxins into your food as you drink.
  • Each time you use your glass straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in your landfill.
  • One glass straw replaces thousands of plastic straws. (How many times will you use a straw the rest of your life?)
  • Using your glass drinking straw adds a feeling of beauty to your day.
Glass Dharma sells straws in different sizes and styles – one for every purpose.

Add a little bit of fun to your next dinner or cocktail party with the decorative dots straws:

These glass straws are great and I LOVE them!  We had milkshakes the other night for our family movie night, and with my glass straw I was able to drink my milkshake and even stir around to break up some of the ice cream clumps.  The best part about these straws is that they have a Lifetime Guarantee against breakage!

Glass Dharma is GIVING AWAY 1000 Free Straws for Earth Day 2012!  Check it out to get your free straw!


1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will win a $25 gift certificate to Glass Dharma ~ Open Worldwide!

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Kim Barrett

Sunday 29th of April 2012

I don't like to use plastic at all, so I think glass straws are a great idea!

Lori S

Sunday 29th of April 2012

I have often read that using straws is better for dental health, especially drinks with sugar or juices, but I HATE plastic straws so I never use them. I know I would use a glass straw though because I wouldn't have to worry about chemicals or plastic waste when I used it. So winning this would be good for my teeth and the environment : )

Tammy @ In R Dream

Sunday 29th of April 2012

Because I love being as "GREEn" as I can! @inRdream

Denise Glazier

Sunday 29th of April 2012

because they are better for the environment

ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

Tracy Awalt Juliano

Sunday 29th of April 2012

I use straws on a daily basis, so glass straws would be ideal for me. Both economical and environmentally friendly ;)