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A lot of us are well aware that getting rid of clutter, or things that no longer bring you joy, can have a positive impact on the way we live our lives.

I know for me, the KonMari method has changed the way I view my home, my possessions and my lifestyle as a whole.

What I didn’t know, was that getting rid of clutter would also make our children happier.


Surprisingly enough, getting rid of extra clothes, books and toys that my children no longer used has had a huge benefit to them and they would tell you the same thing.

Sure, at first, getting rid of some of these things was difficult.

My children had to be guided to release perceived attachment to items they really no longer had an attachment to.

We followed the KonMari method and they were quite surprised that some of these items they have been holding on to, no longer brought them the joy they once did.

So they set them free.

We donated some things and threw out others, but at the end of the process there was one thing for certain, they felt lighter.

The kids were happy at how clean and streamlined their rooms looked, and how easy it was to find things that were truly important to them.

They came out of this experience feeling lighter as we noticed some of their stress melt away.

They knew it would no longer take them so long to clean and tidy their rooms.

In fact, they also noticed that their creativity was sparked in a new and exciting way.

I watched my children lead a more creative, less chaotic life all while feeling as though they didn’t miss anything.

They weren’t longing for the stuff we got rid of because it was just stuff. Instead, they were enjoying the belongings that brought them joy, spending more time participating in activities rather than cleaning up after themselves, and overall it has given us more time to spend as a family.

My children are happier after getting rid of the clutter.

They are liberated of the belongings that no longer served a purpose or brought them joy and they have realized they truly value the things they do have.

We have more time to spend as a family, and their creativity has become something they can focus more on now.

My kids are much happier now.

We will never go back.

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