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#GetTheBest Twitter Party ~ $600+ in prizes from Pure Anada!

I’ve been so excited to tell you all about our first of many #GetTheBest Twitter parties!

The first in this series is of #GetTheBest Twitter parties will feature over $ updated) $600 in prizes from @PureAnada

Tweet about this #GetTheBest Twitter party! The more people who attend, the more often we’ll have them! And $500 in Pure Anada prizes is pretty sweet!

Who: Open to residents in the US or Canada

What: a #GetTheBest Twitter party featuring over $500 worth of prizes

Where: On Twitter (or whichever platform you wish to use)

When: Sunday, June 12th at 8pm CST

Why: Just because we want to have a fun event with our Twitter followers, they are the best, so they deserve to #GetTheBest

Hashtag: #GetTheBest

Host: @mommymomentblog

Cohost: @AllLocallyMade

Sponsor: @PureAnada

Prizes: 6 prizes valued between $30 – $75 and 1 grand prize valued at $350!!!

Want to know more about PureAnada or enter to win a $150 Pure Anada prize pack right now? Check it out here!

Be sure to follow @mommymomentblog @AllLocallyMade and @PureAnada for this #GetTheBest Twitter party you won’t want to miss!

Leave a comment with your Twitter handle letting us know if you plan to attend!

Have any other questions that have not been answered? Use the Contact Form.

Want to read all the boring fine print also known as terms and conditions?


Sunday 12th of June 2011

@cposen, attending

Ninja Mommers

Sunday 12th of June 2011

@ninjamommers... I was late :)

crystal m

Sunday 12th of June 2011

Im there @armywifereviews


Sunday 12th of June 2011

Oooh ooh me - my internet's been down and I just found out about this this evening! @ReadilyAParent


Sunday 12th of June 2011

I'm here! :) @7onashoestring