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Create a Gallery Wall to Display Your Children’s Art Work

Our 3 children are very artistic, and as a proud mama I want their beautiful artwork displayed. However, I do have a pet peeve…a messy fridge! Yes, you heard me. A cluttered fridge horrifies me!

Messy Fridge

So there you have the problem:

“How can I display my children’s art without it looking sloppy?”  I will share with you my solution: ‘The Wall of Fame’.

create a gallery wall

I have chosen a wall to display their beautiful framed pieces for all to see!  I had a collection of mix-matched frames hidden away in a closet. The layer of dust confirmed for me that I wasn’t going to use these for their intended purpose. So I gave them a new purpose! I picked up a few extra frames from a local thrift store, with prices ranging from $0.10 to $2.00.

I trimmed a couple of the pictures to fit the frames exactly. With others, I used the matting or made my own backing with scrapbook paper.  Next, I laid them out on the ground to arrange how I wanted them placed. Once I was
happy with how it looked, I mounted them all. A measuring tape and level will come in handy!

Gallery Wall

The result? A beautiful display that has everyone noticing and commenting on these creative pieces (where before they went unnoticed). And most importantly, 3 children who feel so very special and proud!

As new artwork appears, it is simple enough to swap the pictures. This is also a design that you can continue to add to, and make a larger display. What’s so fantastic about this, is it is an easy way to seasonally decorate your home! Picture how beautiful your home will look with framed snowflakes, Christmas trees and bells! Or flowers, rainbows
and ladybugs.

artwork frame

Make sure to write the name and date on the back of each piece and once they’ve been swapped out, place these keepsakes in a memory box.

TIP: I stuck some sticky tac on the corners of the frames to keep them in place. A crooked frame is sure to drive me crazy!

sticky tac

How do you display artwork in your home?

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