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Gadgets 2012

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InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet

Purchase from VTech for $79.99.

Designed for children ages 3-9, the VTech InnoTab 2 gives kids a tablet of their own that helps keeps them engaged and busy while learning.  The VTech InnoTab 2 combines a bunch of different components to keep your child entertained and happy.  With the 5″ touch screen children can enjoy games, e-books, music and even take their own photos and videos.  Cartridges with licensed characters can be purchased to teach skills in reading, logic, and creativity.

Reallite Candles

Purchase varying sizes from $35 – $50.


Reallite candles are battery operated wax candles with a flame that appears identical to that of a lit candle.  In addition to the on/off switch, Reallite candles feature a ‘Smart Timer’.  If the timer is set, it will automatically turn the candle on for 5 hours and turn itself off for 19 hours.  These candles are pet and children safe since there is no flame, no dripping wax and no heat.

Mobi Headphonies

Purchase from Mobi Technologies for $19.95.

ENTER TO WIN (during our December 1-15 giveaway extravaganza)

Headphonies are fun, affordable, and ultra-portable 3-inch character speakers that are perfect for today’s mobile world.  These speakers easily plug into your smartphone, Mp3 unit, tablet PC, laptop, gaming device and more.  Headphonies are the answer for music sharing, video streaming, web seminars and other audio needs.  Each design has a unique personality and attitude, but they all have one thing in common: amazingly full sound.  You can also link 2 Headphonies to your device for fuller playback.

Magellan eXplorist GC North America

Purchase from Magellan for $149.99.


The eXplorist GC is dedicated to give you the best geocaching experience.  The eXplorist GC includes the most popular geocaches around the world all pre-loaded onto it.  The eXplorist GC also connects to where you receive a free 30-day premium membership.  The eXplorist GC lets you search more than 1 million geocaches worldwide.  The eXplorist GC can hold up to 10,000 geocaches providing a paperless geocaching experience!

3-in-1 Smartphone Video/Picture Stabilizer

Purchase from for $19.95.

ENTER TO WIN (during our December 1-15 giveaway extravaganza)

Looking for a device to help you take clearer pictures and better video with our smartphone?  The 3-in-1 Smartphone Video/Picture Stabilizer is an affordable, innovative device that was developed to help prevent shaky videos and pictures with smartphones.  The rubber-padded cradle has been designed to work with all smartphones and even works with or without a protective case.  You can use this 3-in-1 gadget as a handheld stabilizer or a tabletop tripod.  The cradle is also detachable so it can mount to any standard tripod.

Premium Wool Touchscreen / Texting Gloves

Purchase from for $19.99.


If you have a smart phone you know that ordinary gloves do not work with most touchscreen electronic devices.  These touchscreen/texting gloves allow you to operate your smart-devices with flawless precision.  And they also keep you warm!  Most other touchscreen gloves only have the conductive fibers in the index finger, but the SwypeGloves have the fibers in ALL 10 FINGERS!  You have 5 colors to choose from:  Black w/Light Grey, Lime Green w/Dark Brown, Brown&Black weave w/Raspberry, Black w/Red and Bright Blue w/Charcoal Grey.

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