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Frog work & Using Scissors

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A while back I posted a fun Frog craft we did on Work of Art Wednesday.
The children had loved learning about frogs, so I thought I would share some pictures of a work they love to do for Monday’s Montessori Moment.

We also made a little book to go along with these Nomenclature cards. Both the book and the cards were from Montessori Print Shop.

Now for something completely different.
Some children have difficulty learning how to use scissors. One work that is out on our shelf all the time is a tray with strips of paper, a small dish, and a pair of scissors.

I draw lines in a variety of ways on the paper and use different colors of paper.
This work is chosen often by the children!

And when a spill occurs, a small brush solves the problem!

 Do you have any other works that help children learn the skill of using scissors? Please share!

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Teacher Laura Oreamuno.

Tuesday 13th of September 2011

The same excersice but drawing two near by lines so the kid cuts in between. You can start with far away lines, and start getting close and closser and finally over the line!....


Thursday 10th of March 2011

Hi! I just downloaded the frog activity from the free part of Montessori Print Shop. It's great to see it in action!!I also remember cutting those strips when I was in Children's House. =) =) Thanks!<3 sandy

The girl who painted trees

Tuesday 13th of July 2010

I love the frog work. Scissor work is always fun. Bear is sadly past that sensitive stage and prefers to cut things out of magazines now.We were at the beach so I have nothing for Montessori Monday this week.

The Sunshine Crew

Tuesday 13th of July 2010

Cool frog work and scissors work, too. We have been doing frog works and some scissors works, too.Sorry my phone died when I was talking to you. am getting a new charger and will call you tomorrow. Feel better, my friend. :)Colleen

2 Pequeños Traviesos

Monday 12th of July 2010

Hi Jody!Lovely post you have here. Also, thanks for sharing the link to Free Material.Here's the link to the post I'm supposed to be linking-up to your Monday's Montessori Moment. having problems with the link-ups. I'd love for you to have a alternative way to do this. I hate to keep bothering you with my link-ups. Plus, I CAN'T SEE NONE OF THE POST THAT OTHER BLOGGER LINK-UP. :(Hope to hear from you soon when you get back from your vacation!