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My daughters love sharing a bedroom. In fact, they are the ones that have chosen to share this tiny space in the first place.

My girls are very close.

In fact, they seemingly share everything.

Sisters have the potential to be best friends and these girls prove it is possible. Their connection always astounds me on so many different levels.

Watching them interact and grow together has been a pleasure I have been blessed with and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

The love they share has no conditions. This is why these 2 sisters that share 1 tiny bedroom and a whole lot of love, got an affordable room refresh this year.

Since my daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease, the girls have been spending a lot more time in their room together. After all, Lyme disease is exhausting, and she has to rest.

tiny shared bedroom makeover


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I wanted to refresh their space for them because not only do they deserve it, a fresh room would provide my daughters the comfort they need to relax.

I had an extraordinarily small budget to refresh this itty-bitty space, so we stuck to reusing and repurposing items that we already had on hand and purchasing minimal items.

The girls were excited to see their new space, so I set to work.

I reused some shelves that we had in a different room to create a space above their beds for storage.

My girls have since used them for stuffed animals and books.

The best part?

The shelves were given to us for free in the first place! Talk about affordable.

I also installed a cute little light fixture in between the shelves.

We already had the light on hand, and I thought it would be the perfect addition to the bedroom, especially for reading at night.

The wall behind their beds was just plain white before, and I wanted to give it some character.

So I purchased a paint pen and created a faux shiplap wall look. This cost me under $6 and it actually looks really neat!


Once the affordable refresh was complete, I was excited to see their reaction.

Just as I suspected, they loved it.

Now my girls can spend time together in their rooms in style and it hardly cost me anything.

The most beautiful thing about the room though? It is the love that makes that tiny space feel huge.

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Katty Balle

Friday 27th of December 2019

I love a sibling relationship that can share siblings and not be awkward about it. The simple changes are nice and very homey. Thank you for sharing.