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Essie Summer 2015 – Peach Side Babe

Although it is September and we are getting into the fall season, I have a few sweet colours from Essie’s Summer 2015 collection that will say a final farewell to summer and push my nails designs into the ‘autumn’ category.

Essie Summer 2015

Peach Side Babe includes:

  • Chilato – pale yellow green
  • Sunset Sneaks – coral-red
  • Peach Side Babe – peachy colour with hits of pink
  • Private Weekend – white with a slight shimmer
  • Pret-a-surfer – navy blue
  • Salt Water Happy – light periwinkle blue

Essie Summer 2015 line

I’m also sharing with you Essie’s new gel setter polish.

First I used Chilato and boy do I love this colour! At first glance you’d think it was a mint green but on closer inspection you see it has hints of yellow too that make it purely stunning. I just did a simple black and sparkle design over top so as to not distract from the gorgeous colour that Chilato is.

Essie 2015

I used Essie’s gel setter top coat over this design and could actually tell a difference from a normal top coat. This polish is thicker and therefore gives a gel like look to the nail and makes it look more professional than many top coats do. I notice that with some top coats the shine they give off on the first day wears off after a while but this coat keeps your nails shiny until you want to take them off. This is definitely my new favourite top coat!

Essie Nail Design

Then I combined Sunset Sneaks, Peach Side Babe and Private Weekend in a floral design. In the bottle, Private Weekend looks quite shimmery but on the nail the shimmer almost completely disappears. This was good for me because I like my whites with minimal sparkle, but if you’re looking for a shimmery white this is not the bottle for you. Sunset Sneaks and Peach Side Babe both impressed me and looked great side by side in this floral design.

I didn’t get to try out Salt Water Happy but that polish has now gained a spot on my bucket list and hopefully one day soon, I will get in off the shelf and onto my nails.

Have any of these gained a spot on your bucket list?

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Megan-Signature 2

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Jenny L.

Saturday 18th of February 2017

I finally picked up Chilato and I really love the shade for the summer months. These designs are really pretty - I'm pretty good at doing my left hand but I need to practice on my right!

Cheryl MacPhail

Friday 16th of December 2016

I love the colors!! Great designs as well :)

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Saturday 3rd of October 2015

Love these colours and the nails, beautiful. Well done Megan :-)


Friday 2nd of October 2015

I so love Essie nail polish :)

Lynda Cook

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Holy crap Megan is very talented, she does an awesome job on her nails, it's awesome to have the patience to do that kind of work!!!