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The Dyson Cool Fan is cool, really, really cool!

It is not that often we see a product that has revolutionized an industry.  In the way the wheel has reinvented travel, Dyson re-invented the fan in a remarkable way with the Dyson Cool Fan.  When you first look at the Dyson Cool Fan the first thing you obviously notice is no visible blades.  Yes no blades!!!  So while there is no blades presently visible, one might thing that this fan cannot blow very well…well it does….it does very well.

Now that it is summer I enjoying doing my work on the veranda at the front our home.  However one of the down falls of this is is the not so wonderful Manitoba Mosquitoes.  They are not pleasant, however when I put the fan out  with me, they do not stand a chance and I can enjoy the outdoors.  And because this design is 75% quieter than its predecessor, I can concentrate on my posts…and not a constant whirring sound.


The Noise Abatement Society awarded the Quiet Mark to this new Air Multiplier technology. 65 Dyson engineers reduced the turbulence high velocity air, cancelling out specific tones, yet retaining high performance. Also having younger “wild” children in the home and infant nieces and nephews over, I want to be careful about what I leave out.  As I mentioned before they are visible blade free and because the motor is at the base, it is more stable and tip resistant.  Also the rotating fan moves at its lower base.  This means a more safer fan for the whole family.

As for the additional features of this revolutionary fan it can all be controlled with a simple remote.  From this remote you can control, speed, rotation, timing and have super convent storage of this remote on the top of the unit, makes this a super option for your needs.

This fan is not like anything else you have seen before.  The smooth quite operation, safe handling, and features galore this is the fan is a luxury for every family.


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Monday 30th of June 2014

This Fan would fit in my house perfectly...mine just broke

Teresa Claire

Friday 27th of June 2014

I don't subscribe to cable any longer so the video was really helpful to me. I like the smaller size that is in the picture with your laptop. I always wanted to know how the Dyson Fan worked and now I do! Thank you :)

Tara E

Friday 27th of June 2014

would love to get one of these! very cool


Thursday 26th of June 2014

I definitely agree with you that this is a great child safe fan. Amazing technology!