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Face it, sometimes moms need me time to themselves. They just do.

It is a well-known fact that a happy mom makes for happier children and in order to be happy, moms need to make the time for themselves.

There are many reasons me time for moms is important and there are so many ways that you can spend that me time, but how do you get it?

How do you find the time to achieve that elusive mommy me time?

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If your children are known to sleep in a bit, then make it a point to wake up earlier than them. Even if you are just getting up 20 minutes before the rest of your family, it allows you to de-stress and do something that you enjoy.

Whether it’s a hot coffee in silence or just watching the news alone, that 20 minutes can be valuable.


If your kids are safe and being watched, there is no harm in you having a hot bath with the door locked. Sometimes, children will walk right past their Dads to go search for their Moms merely to ask for a drink of water.

Lock the door. Let Dad handle the drink of water and relax.


Creating a routine is not only good for your kids, but it is also a great way to know when you can anticipate your next “me time” moment.

If the kids go to bed the same time every night, you know when you will have that time at the end of the day to watch your favorite TV show and unwind.


You spend so much time creating schedules for extracurriculars, doctors appointments and even appointments to get the dog groomed that sometimes you forget that you need some grooming yourself. Schedule a hair appointment, get your nails done, or do a spa day.

It is important to remember to add your needs to the calendar once in a while.

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You deserve a break occasionally and you will be much happier for it. Being a Mom doesn’t automatically mean that you aren’t an individual as well.

It is possible to find the time to relax on your own, you just must allow yourself to do it.

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How do you make sure that you get the me time you need to be the best mom you can be?

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Carole D

Saturday 30th of December 2017

I always made sure I had me time when my children were growing up. It was usually when the kids went to bed.

Silvia D

Friday 29th of December 2017

I still rarely have me time, so important even if just for a few moments to enjoy an actual Hot coffee!


Saturday 9th of December 2017

I think just being aware of the need for me time, helps me to make sure I get it. Sometimes when you're just going on autopilot, it's easy to forget that need in yourself but by keeping that thought in my head and recognizing that I deserve it, helps alot.

lori galbraith

Thursday 7th of December 2017

Cutting out time for Mom can be a real challenge but I agree so very important to keep Mom and family happy.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Thursday 7th of December 2017

When my 7 were youngsters my Me Time was when I did the gardening, hung out the washing to dry, mowed the lawn - all things that I enjoyed doing. There was no other time, with such a big family there's always something that needs doing.