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Decorate Your Home For The Holidays With Walmart

I LOVE Christmas.

Growing up I always enjoyed going to my grandma’s house, especially at Christmas when her house was so beautifully decorated.

Four and a half years ago we had the opportunity to buy my grandma’s house, so keeping up the tradition of decorating it for Christmas is something I thoroughly enjoy.

This year I went to Walmart to get some ideas for holiday decorating, and I’m sure glad I did.

Christmas Magic

The first thing I wanted to do was replace the big red bows on our garland that hangs from our balcony and verandah.

Red bowsWalmart had the perfect Oversize Outdoor Sequined Bow that I was looking for. I love how the house looks with the new bows, isn’t it beautiful.

Home for the Holidays

decorated house with bows

This fall we added on to the back of our home which meant we got a new entrance. I wanted to make the entrance feel welcoming so a pre-lit porch tree and this beautiful Woodland-themed 24″ wreath created that perfect look I was going for.

Christmas Lights


Of course I could not forget about the inside of the house, I picked up some holiday decor for my new entrance and even surprised the girls with some cute benches and accessories for their little Christmas town that sits on the window ledge.

holiday decor

decorative houses

If you are looking to decorate your home for the holidays, take a stroll through the aisles at Walmart, you will be amazed at the selection and the prices.

Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor

So tell me, do you like decorating for the holidays?

Do you have a theme or color that you stick to for Christmas?

Magic for less



Jodi Shaw

Wednesday 12th of December 2012

Okay can I stroll the aisles and get your house? LOL so beautiful Jody! I love the wreath the best for the outside of the door. :) I also love Walmart, I have a cot with my name on it as I live there lol or so the staff thinks. I'm on a first name basis with all of them hahaha

Great post!

Sabrina T

Tuesday 11th of December 2012

Your home looks lovely. We don't decorate, the husband thinks it's a waste of time, money, and energy, and I don't think it's worth the argument. :)

Krystle(Baking Beauty)

Monday 10th of December 2012

Your home looks amazing!! Our decorations don't follow theme. They're pretty mismatached, but I love them!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Tuesday 11th of December 2012

As long as you love them that is what is important. My tree is mostly red and green because most of the ornaments the girls make are those colors, so although the tree is all different ornaments, it is just the way I love it too! Thanks for your comment!


Monday 10th of December 2012

You did an amazing job decorating! Love the garland and the whole look. Gorgeous!


Monday 10th of December 2012

WOW!!! Your home is so festive!!! It's like it's right out of a Home & Garden magazine or something! Beautiful job, Jody.

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Monday 10th of December 2012

Oh my Christine, you sure know how to make me smile. Thanks for the kind comment, now only if you were able to visit me this Christmas!!