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Dad’s and Daughters

By Carly
When my husband and I were about to get engaged I started to think about our future family. All I could picture  was a family consisting of nothing but daughters. My husband is a very patient guy. I don’t know if that’s why I felt this way or not but fast forward 8 years and it is true so far! All girls!

There is just some thing about Dad’s and daughters. I love watching them together. My husband brings such a great dynamic into there life. He lets my girls know that they can like all things not just pinky girlie stuff. He plays chess with them teaches them to play the guitar and introduces them to things that are not the typical girl stuff.
My middle Daughter recently turned 5. we  took her to build a bear for her birthday with just our family, but we wanted to get her one more present. It was a crazy week I did not make it to the store. I ended up sending just my husband to pick her out something from the toy store. There was so many dolls and barbies that she wanted but already had a billion of. he called me from the store and was having a really difficult time deciding what to get her.
I was pleasantly surprised when he came home with a fort building kit. It consisted of tons of sticks and balls with holes all over them, you put balls on the end of the stick to attach them and make never ending shapes for all different kinds of forts. You then cover it with sheets and viola a magical play fort with endless imaginative play.
My girls were ecstatic they could not wait to get right to work to make a special place for all three of them to enjoy.

I would have NEVER thought of this. I am always in girl mode when it comes to presents. This present was perfect. Something they can all build together.
I love that my husband brings an entirely different perspective to their overly pink life.

Carly is a contributing writer for Mommy Moment. She has 3 very dramatic but beautiful girls ages 7, 4, and 1. Carly loves to write, cook, and connect with other moms through this crazy thing called blogging! See what she has been up to over at

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Friday 1st of October 2010

I LOVE that fort kit idea! Do you know the brand name? I think my daughter would LOVE something like that. She is always trying to build forts out of blankets and getting frustrated when they won't stay up. Would make a great Christmas present. Tell your husband thanks for the idea!

Living the Scream

Wednesday 29th of September 2010

Thanks Jessica! That was so sweet to say!


Wednesday 29th of September 2010

How cool is that!!! I remember making forts when I was little, but out of chairs and objects, not cool building kits. I was also a daddy's girl growing up and I think its wonderful you encourage your girls to experience different things for themselves instead of trying to fit them into a gender role.

I applaud your parenting! You made my day.