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There are many ways that you can save money and cut expenses in your daily life.

We may not notice, but the little things really do add up. Small changes can make a whole world of difference when you are trying to save.

Spend some time trying to find practical ways to save and creative ways to cut your expenses and you will be well on your way to saving the money you need to save.


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  1. Use Coupons.
  2. Start a Piggy Bank.
  3. Carpool.
  4. Turn off the lights.
  5. Buy used.
  6. Get a Roommate.
  7. Use Rewards Cards.
  8. Buy in Bulk.
  9. Switch your phone plan.
  10. Plan your meals.
  11. Stop eating out.
  12. Use Public Transportation.
  13. Update your thermostat.
  14. Line dry your clothes.
  15. Turn off the TV.
  16. Make your own DIY skincare.
  17. Have friends over instead of going out.
  18. Learn to sew.
  19. Quit smoking.
  20. Shop at Yard sales.
  21. Don’t use credit cards.
  22. Price match when possible.
  23. Cancel unused memberships.
  24. Cancel magazine subscriptions.
  25. Invest in a deep freezer.
  26. Grow your own Vegetables.
  27. Cut your own hair.
  28. Make your own DIY Cleaning supplies.
  29. Cancel cable.
  30. Make your own gifts to give.
  31. Turn down the temperature on your water heater.
  32. Do Laundry in cold water.
  33. Use home health remedies when possible.
  34. Write down your savings goals.
  35. Open a High-Interest Savings account.
  36. Buy no-name items.
  37. Make Coffee at home.
  38. Bring your own grocery bags shopping.
  39. Find ways to repurpose your leftovers instead of throwing them out.
  40. Downgrade your internet.
  41. Fix your leaky faucets.
  42. Install low flow toilets.
  43. Weatherproof your home.
  44. Use less water.
  45. Comparison shop for your Car Insurance.
  46. Open a TFSA.
  47. Create a budget.
  48. Plan purchases, don’t buy spur of the moment.
  49. Walk places when you can.
  50. Never give up!

Make the choice to change the ways you spend your money.

Cut out some of the little unnecessary purchases you make and learn to DIY household items, and you will be well on the way to a happy wallet.

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