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Crazy. Busy. Happy. Life. {An update you WANT to read}

Hey Everyone!

Anyone else feeling super busy this fall?

This week has been super busy and my regular blog schedule is a little off, but that’s ok! Want to know what’s been going on? (Besides the regular mommy routine, school routine, homework hassle, violin practice, laundry, blogging, cooking, etc, etc, etc that is the norm)…

Should I let you in on the excitement?

  • Saturday – Kate’s Birthday Party
  • Sunday – Day at my sisters farm
  • Monday – Supper with my grandma to celebrate her birthday
  • Tuesday – I BECAME AN AUNTIE for the first time
  • Wednesday – Painters and cleaning being done at the house
  • Thursday – TV CREW IS COMING TO MY HOUSE!! Stay Tuned for more info 😉 AND an evening out with friends
  • Friday – a house full of 1-5 year olds for a MommyParty sponsored by Mega Bloks®
  • Saturday – saying goodbye to our good friends who are moving to Paraguay

So, please forgive the fact that I’ll most likely be putting up more posts than usual to play a bit of catch up for the next few days.

I thought you all would like to know what is going on here…

So tell me, what is keeping YOU busy? While you are thinking about it, feel free to ooh and ah over my perfect little nephew…I’m in love!

Tara @momtwomonkeys

Friday 28th of September 2012

So exciting, being on TV! Woohoo, but the best part is being an Auntie for sure, he is so darn adorable! I get to see my nieces and nephews next weekend for Thanksgiving! Super excited to get my hugs in with them!

Alex P.

Thursday 27th of September 2012

Congratulations on becoming an Aunt! So happy for you :)

Your week is full of activity but all wonderful blessings. Enjoy it!


Insane Mamacita

Thursday 27th of September 2012

What is the TV gig all about? I will have to watch it (if we get that station). And congrats on becoming an auntie! So happy for you!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Thursday 27th of September 2012

I'll be posting about the TV segment hopefully tomorrow :) Exciting for sure. Being an auntie is pretty amazing. So in love with my nephew!


Thursday 27th of September 2012

Adorable baby!

When will you be airing on TV and what channel? Cannot wait to hear about it.

Get some time to relax and enjoy your time with your besties before they start off on their new adventure.

Modern Mom

Thursday 27th of September 2012

Can't wait to see you on tv!! :) I've been trying to NOT be busy this month. Burn out is making me slow things down. But kid's still keep me on my toes! Congrats on being an aunty too!