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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas… Most families have traditions leading up to the holidays.  It may be the timing of putting up the tree, or sending out cards, or simply having a great dinner together.  As a family that is always trying to get closer and be closer, we are excited to try the Countdown to Christmas Activity Kit this December.


This kit is built by the parents with the anticipation of seeing our children’s faces as we explore new cool things to do each night.  The kit comes with envelopes labeled from December 1st all the way to December 25th.  The kit also comes with lots of activity options that are Christmas related.  These range from large activities, like making a Christmas hamper, to decorating a gingerbread man.  There are even blank cards for making your own activities.


Together you sit down with your calendar and plan out what you will do and gather what you will need for the Christmas Countdown.  As you pull out each activity it comes with instructions on what do to.  A suggestion for family movie night comes with examples of traditional holiday movies that the family will enjoy.

Next you place these cards out each day for your children to discover.  As you open it with them and read the cards to them, you get to see the excitement that fills then this holiday season.

You get to do things with your family, but more importantly you get to start a new tradition.  You will get to start new things that will bring you closer together as a family and explore with your children more about what Christmas is about.
Happy holidays everyone.

Visit for your own Countdown to Christmas.

The kit offers tips on how to deliver the daily activities with ease, in spite of the busy pace we all find ourselves in during the holiday season.  In my home, we have actually turned finding each day’s activity card into a daily mini treasure hunt!  It is fantastic fun that literally requires only a few minutes each day to deliver.

Each set includes:
  • 35 cards containing simple, festive activities to choose from

  • 5 blank cards to personalize for your own family traditions

  • Dated envelopes for December 1st to 25th

  • Suggestions for organizing and delivering a month of holiday fun for your family

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Alayne Langford

Monday 24th of November 2014

I love the personal Christmas Cards, I am definitely going to look into it! Thank you! :)

Shelley T

Sunday 23rd of November 2014

I Love this! I am always looking for a great way to countdown to Christmas!