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Which Reward/Loyalty Program is Right for You? Find out with this great tool!

My wallet is full — and not with money.

Compare Loyalty Programs wallet

I have so many different reward and loyalty cards in my wallet for all the different stores I have shopped at.  Here is a list of the places that I have cards for in my wallet right now:

  • Clothing store #1
  • Clothing store #2
  • Book store #1
  • Book store #2
  • Hotel priority
  • Grocery store
  • Drug store
  • Movie
  • Hair Salon

Some of these cards, I use only once and sometimes never at all, while there are a few that I use on a weekly basis.  So why do I sign up for these reward/loyalty programs?  The answer?  Because I am hopeful that they will save me money or give me some reward that can be used for a rainy day.

According to research conducted by Environics Research Group, the average Canadian household is involved in an average of 8.2 loyalty programs. As you can see, we as a family are right in that pocket. But in truth, how many times do we actually cash in on these reward/loyalty programs? I mean, let’s be honest. Some of these programs take too long to add up to anything.

compare loyalty programs

Compare Loyalty Programs is here to help you find and figure out the best reward/loyalty program for you!  With a little bit of information they can help you figure out which program rewards you faster.

Environics Research Group researched the most popular loyalty programs in Canada and compared the top programs on a number of different criteria. All the research compiled was used to create an interactive, free online tool that will allow you, the consumer, to find out which reward/loyalty program in Canada, out of the top 61, will get you to your desired reward the fastest.


My husband and I sat down and tried out the Compare Loyalty Programs tool.  We answered 9 simple questions.  After answering these questions, we then received the top 2 loyalty program cards that matched the responses.  I was pleasantly surprised that the top reward/loyalty card that the tool suggested was one that was already IN my wallet!  I was excited to learn that I was already on one of the loyalty programs that will get me to my reward quicker!

Consumers who use this tool can expect up to 3 loyalty programs will be recommended to them based on their responses to the 9 questions. These programs and cards are the ones that will help them earn rewards faster! Now that’s rewarding!



Sunday 18th of August 2013

This is a brilliant idea - because I think most of us have a problem similar to the one you describe. No one wants to miss out, but it ends up being a bit of a crapshoot - will any of these cards ever amount to anything? My husband and I are trying to pick a rewards credit card and I think this tool will help. Merci!

Teresa Claire

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

I love this tool, Jody!! Thank you, I will send this to my Mum and sisters. My top one was a major drug store and I have to admit that is my favourite. I usually spend the cash equivalent on my daughter at year end...she gets so excited about make up and perfume!


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Just tried the tool and I picked the right one for me too...although my wallet looks like yours!! Mostly loyalty/reward cards. They make me happy.


Monday 5th of August 2013

This is so funny because I have too many to even count...some in keychain form and some as Hubby just came home with another this afternoon! I will definitely have to try the Compare Loyalty Tool... Thanks for sharing :)


Saturday 3rd of August 2013

I hate signing up for programs I rarely use. I love how we can see what fits our needs and what works for our family. I need to start cashing some of those in. Great reminder!!