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Back in routine with the help of Best Buy Mobile

For many of us, it is that time of year again where life has more structure.  Sleeping in has turned into life with an alarm clock, lunch time has gone from 12ish to 12 exactly and late nights with friends are now reserved for the weekend so we can all get to bed at a decent time.  Yes school is back in and while we enjoy the routine, there are some curve balls that life/school has thrown at us.  But luckily Best Buy Mobile  and Best Buy have helped us get back on track.

As a mom that drives our van/mom-taxi around everywhere and still has to be connected, I thought it was time to get a Bluetooth speaker for the van.  The Jabra Tour is a great way to safely take care of business while doing my other mom job of making sure by girls get to where they need to go.  With multiple device pairing and 60 days of stand by time, it will always be there for me.


One of my girls is starting to become more fashion forward and also wanting to have independence.  At her request we got her a watch.  The FILA casual watch will help her keep track of herself and help her learn responsibility.  She is super pumped about this, especially because it has an alarm clock.


As for my other daughter, grade one can be full of new challenges and adventure.  As she is starting to learn about various subjects in school.  She is our girl that needs a little bit of down time when she gets home, so after she does her reading, she gets to play for a little while on her Innotab.  We got her the Disney Planes Math Innotab Game and she loves it.


Because she loves it so much, we found we were going through a lot of batteries, so we thought it would make sense for our pocket and the environment to make the leap to rechargeable batteries.  Welcome to the Energizer 15 Minute Rapid Charger. It charges full in 15 minute.  It comes with 4 NiMH AA batteries and a car and home charger.  With the option to charge both AA and AAA, we are set to go in in 15 min.


With girls and daddy and me all having appointments, meetings and activities, life can be a little caotic, however the Cozi Family Organizer app is a great option for me to keep track of where and what we all need to do.

  • Manage the chaos of back-to-school and everyday life with the Cozi scheduling app that allows you to keep track of all family-members’ schedules, share grocery, chore and to-do lists in real time and access, view and update from any mobile device or computer.

Available on iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry and Windows 8.1 Tablet (free)

If you are looking for ways to teach your kids about budgeting,  iAllowence I can make that happen at home.


  • Begin teaching your children money-management techniques in the platform to which they are accustomed. iAllowance works much like a game of Monopoly, in which you’re the bank and your kids are the customers. Except money isn’t accumulated or lost by chance, the kids earn it via allowance and chores. When someone’s ready to cash out, you can either transfer funds to his or her account or hand over the cash.

Available on iPhone/iPad ($3.99)

These are just a few of the many ways that Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile can help you with those last minute items that life and school can throw at you.  They got your back.

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Sunday 19th of October 2014

An ipad because it's the one thing I've wanted for ages!

Sonny P

Sunday 19th of October 2014

love to get an iphone 6


Sunday 19th of October 2014

I would love an Iphone 6. I don't have a cell phone at all.


Sunday 19th of October 2014


Chris W

Sunday 19th of October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5