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The Beauty of Bead Stringing

Bead stringing may seem like a simple task, but for the child it provides amazing skill and repetition (and it’s FUN).  

When presenting any bead stringing work, show the child by using the material yourself first, moving the bead from your left side to your right.  Montessori materials move from left to right, top to bottom, similar to the way most languages read and write.  Can you imagine bead stringing preparing a child for later reading?  

While putting together a bead activity for your child, consider these specifications for the child’s success:
  • The string should be about as long as the child’s wingspan, so it’s best to measure on the smallest child.
  • The string’s tip needs to be long and firm enough to both go through the bead and little fingers to put it out the other side.
  • Be sure the thickness of the string matches the bead’s hole.
  • Tie one bead to the end, for a stopper.  Or tie a knot big enough to keep the first bead on.  
  • If a child is still mouthing, use beads that cannot fit in the mouth or wait to present this later.  You can use cheerios just in case.
My girls love rainbows, so in the spirit of Montessori:  I will follow their lead.  I made these by coloring each bead with liquid watercolor and then rubbing beeswax on them for protection.  I made enough for two sets, for matching or patterning.  I like coloring them myself, because it costs so very little, and can be customized for seasons.  If you aren’t feeling crafty at the end of the day with your little one, there are some great sets out there.  Melissa & Doug make great bead sets, all ready to go.  A trip to a craft store’s bead section and old shoe laces do the trick as well! 

Happy Beading!

Jessie is a mother of three beautiful daughters (twin tots & a preschooler), an AMS trained Montessori teacher of 40 students, and a wife to one. Jessie has a background in dance, a yoga certification, and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Jessie has a childhood education blog at This post will be linked up to One Hook Wonder.


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The Sunshine Crew

Sunday 13th of March 2011

Such pretty beads! Such a neat post! Thanks for sharing!


Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Love the rainbow of watercolored beads - so pretty! Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday.

Leisure Treasure

Tuesday 8th of March 2011

These are so cute :) I didn't think that home made beads can look so nice. Great job!


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

I love your rainbow-colored beads! What colors do you use?


Monday 7th of March 2011

aww such a lovely post. i babysit for amilies with babies so thanks a lot! :)