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Is there anything more comforting for dessert than apple pie?  I don’t think so!  Apple pie is best served in fall with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Try one of these delicious 11 APPLE PIE RECIPES today!

apple pie recipes for fall


Apple Cinnamon Hand Pies Recipe

#1)  APPLE CINNAMON HAND PIES – these apple cinnamon hand pies are a delicious take on an apple pie! They have a homemade flaky crust and are a hit with the kids and adults alike!


#2)  DUTCH APPLE PIE – this Apple Pie Recipe is going to be great for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


#3)  MINATURE APPLE PIES – here is a great twist on the basic apple pie – bite sized – now you just have to stop yourself at one!


#4)  FAVORTIE DUTCH APPLE PIE – this pie has a delicious crumble topping instead of an upper crust.


#5)  CARAMEL APPLE PIE – is really a very EASY recipe using pre-made pie crusts, pie filling and caramel sauce – if you are looking for simple, this is it.


#6)  TRADITIONAL APPLE PIE – classic sweet apple pie filling in a flaky pie crust topped with a glaze makes this pie unforgettable.


#7)  HARVEST APPLE PECAN PIE – with just a few ingredients, you can make this pie – now that’s a twist on the class apple pie recipes!


#8)  MINI APPLE PIE – try this modernized version of apple pie that everyone will love!


#9)  OLD FASHIONED APPLE PIE – bursting with cinnamon flavored apples and a buttery crust, this is a must try!


#10) RUSTIC CRANBERRY APPLE PIE – it doesn’t get much easier – or tastier than this.


#11)  BABY APPLE PIES – this recipe calls for just 6 ingredients and these little pies are just too cute and irresistible.

the best apple pie recipes

Now that you have your fill of the best apple pie recipes, you may also like these LEMON AND KEY LIME PIE RECIPES:

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Thursday 29th of December 2016

Oh my goodness these apple deserts look amazing, the caramel apple pie has me drooling.

K Yee

Saturday 20th of August 2016

Apple pie is a favourite in this household especially once there are local fresh apples. Once I have had a chance to try your zucchini platz recipe I will be off to check out these. The cranberry apple combination looks especially appetizing to me.

Carole Dube

Thursday 18th of August 2016

These recipes look delicious! I don't have much apples this year. We had a small hail storm at the beginning of the season and it knock lots of the flowers down.

Debbie W

Monday 15th of August 2016

It saddens me that we are already taking about fall, but these delicious recipes do make it something to look forward to. I hop our dry summer didn't hurt our apple crops.

Caryn Coates

Sunday 14th of August 2016

These recipes look sooo good. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing:)