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Animal Action Flashlight™ by Little Tikes

Every so often there are toys that come along that are not only fun to play with but also serve a great practical purpose.

Little Tikes Animal Action Flashlights™ are fun, practical toys/flashlights that your little ones are going to enjoy.

These animal flashlights have bendable arms and legs so your little one can have fun positioning them and hanging them off various surfaces.  They are available as a monkey, elephant, frog, robot or robot-girl.  We received the monkey and frog.

If  your kids are anything like mine, they will turn the flashlight on and walk away causing the battery to drain.  Little Tikes thought of that and these animal flashlights have a shut-off sensor so it helps conserve your batteries.

A few nights ago, we were having a brilliant thunder storm and of course the lights went out right before the kids went the bed.  Both my son and daughter refused to go to sleep.  I pulled out the 2 Little Tikes Animal Action Flashlights™ we received and set one on each of their beside tables.  Knowing that they had a little pal to get them through the next black out helped them feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.