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Small acts of kindness have been shown to help people deal with stress and make them happier overall.


Our family sat down together to compile this list of 99 acts of kindness to help us focus more on kindness this coming year. Some ideas we have done in the past, some ideas we had heard from others and some ideas are ones we want to try this year.  We decided to share our list with all of you, but of course we encourage you to come up with more ideas too!

This list includes some acts of kindness for yourself as well. We need to learn to be kind to ourselves if we want to truly learn to be kind to others. Enjoy!

99 Acts of Kindness

  1. Pay for the person behind you 
  2. Shovel a neighbors driveway
  3. Say hello to a stranger
  4. Offer to carry groceries for an elderly person
  5. Take your child to the library and read to them
  6. Forgive someone
  7. Offer free babysitting to a young family
  8. Give a compliment to the store clerk
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  10. Send a postcard
  11. Write a nice message to someone on their Facebook wall for others to see
  12. Let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store
  13. Invite someone for dinner
  14. Tell your child a story about your grandparents
  15. Donate clothes to a shelter
  16. Overpay for a glass of lemonade at a kids lemonade stand
  17. Donate blood
  18. Send a handwritten letter in the mail to a friend
  19. Say something kind to someone who who has wronged you
  20. Plant a tree
  21. Serve breakfast to a family member in bed
  22. Buy something from a local maker
  23. Give a handmade gift to a friend
  24. Leave a big tip to server who seems to be having a bad day (yes, even if they don’t deserve it)
  25. Visit a care home
  26. Leave a sticky note with a smiley face and nice message in a public restroom
  27. Sell 3 things and donate the money to a charity
  28. Give your partner a back rub
  29. Eat supper together as a family and put your phone down
  30. Bring a welcome basket to a new neighbor
  31. Call a friend you have not talked to in a long time
  32. Donate pet food to an animal shelter
  33. Offer a hug
  34. Tell someone in person how much they mean to you
  35. Pray
  36. Buy something you really want, and give it to a friend
  37. Invite some young people over for a night of board games
  38. Put extra money in a charity box at a store
  39. Pay it forward
  40. Thank a police officer for their service to the community
  41. Bake cookies for a coworker
  42. Hold the door open for someone
  43. Say thank-you to the gas attendant
  44. Buy that box of chocolates or magazine the neighborhood child is selling
  45. Take your kids with you when you volunteer
  46. Get some friends together to rake leaves for a widow
  47. Put your shopping cart away on a rainy day
  48. Make a care package for someone who is not feeling well
  49. Stop to help the person having car trouble
  50. Tell someone you are happy for them
  51. Leave a copy of an inspirational book on the bus
  52. Draw a happy face on all the bananas in the fruit bowl
  53. Take a break when you need one
  54. Make homemade bath salts to have ready to give a friend when she is stressed
  55. Make a treat for the birds
  56. Drop off muffins for the school staff room
  57. Offer someone a ride
  58. Drop some change on the sidewalk
  59. Write a note to put in your child’s lunchbox
  60. Tell your siblings you appreciate them
  61. Save up little things to put in a box for Operation Christmas Child
  62. Give someone the benefit of the doubt
  63. Tell your family you love them
  64. Pick up garbage at a local park
  65. Buy some extra canned goods for the local food bank
  66. Go to bed when you are tired
  67. Help a mom with her stroller
  68. Offer someone to sit with you when the place is packed
  69. Put money in an expired parking meter
  70. Talk nice to yourself
  71. Leave the close parking space for someone else
  72. Plan a cookie exchange with friends and donate a plate of goodies
  73. Buy coffee for the crossing guard
  74. Smile when your child walks into the room
  75. Call your grandparents if you are lucky to still have them
  76. Buy a plant for someone
  77. Leave some extra change at the local laundry mat
  78. Make homemade dog treats for your friends dog
  79. Deliver a Christmas hamper
  80. Smile when you don’t feel like it
  81. Lend your umbrella to someone when you are caught in the rain
  82. Just listen
  83. Say something really nice to your supervisor/boss
  84. Go out with a lonely friend, even if you really want to curl up at home
  85. Email your child’s teacher telling them that you appreciate them
  86. Bring a meal to a parent
  87. Donate books the children’s hospital
  88. Take a moment. When you are frustrated remember “STOP” (S- stop, T- take a breath, O-observe what is happening around you, P- practice responding rather than reacting)
  89. Leave a $5 on a random windshield
  90. Smile, really smile
  91. Don’t honk the horn (even if they deserve it)
  92. Help someone move
  93. Buy extra tissue boxes for your child’s classroom
  94. Sponsor a child
  95. Buy a tin of coffee to donate to a homeless shelter
  96. Make a get well card for someone
  97. Babysit for your friends one night so they can go on a date
  98. Give a stranger a compliment
  99. Be kind to yourself

What acts of kindness would you add to this list. Have you ever had someone surprise you with a random act of kindness?


You can print this acts of kindness sheet – see how many you can do this year.  (edited to add: One reader said she is printing one to put up at her local post office – I love that idea!)

acts of kindness printable


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Elaine Buonsante

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

What a great mindset! Your list really inspired me.

Amber B

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

I love this list! Great idea. I love holding doors for others, smiling at people I pass, etc. There are so many kind acts to do!

Tara Gauthier

Monday 28th of December 2015

I like that you sat down and made a list, for many this things are commonplace things that we just do but I am always surprised when out and see someone struggling and people don't stop to help. I saw someone trying to get a large bag of flour on bottom of her cart and the cart kept moving so I when and helped while others just stood around.

Debbie W

Thursday 24th of December 2015

It's nice to see a list that doesn't require much. Manners and kindness go a long way.

Leah Ewasick

Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

After reading this, I’ve challenged myself to follow in your footsteps… I already have a head start when I realized that #3, 4, 8, and 22 where fulfilled earlier today. (Thanks for paying it forward by the way!)