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5 activities to try with your kids for Canada Day

Canada Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to entertain your kids during the holiday celebrations.

Whether you’re hoping to get a group of kids together to work on various craft activities for Canada Day, or if you’re hoping to educate your child on Canadian culture and history, here are five different activities you can try with your child this upcoming Canada Day:

1. Crafts

There are numerous crafts and activities you can try with your kids that fit into a Canada Day theme, such as teaching your child how to draw a maple leaf so you can make Canadian flags, or decorating various leftover items in your house to be recycled for crafts.

You can always paint a leftover plant container red and white to put outside your house for the festivities, or create custom homemade jewellery for your children to wear on Canada Day.

You can even try looking online for some printable colouring sheets for your kids to colour on as well. If you’re feeling exceptionally creative, then you could always try making some traditional dreamcatchers for you and your kids to hang up in your house too.

2. Nature walks

One of the best ways to educate your child on Canadian culture is to introduce them to what Canada is known best for: Its scenery. You can always take them for a walk to go bird-watching, go canoeing on the lake, go fishing at the river, or go for a hike up a steep mountain to look over the beautiful Canadian landscape.

3. Canadian films and TV shows

Introduce your children to various TV shows and movies that have come to symbolize Canadian culture, like Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea or Mr. Dress-Up. You could even try downloading or searching around your local movie stores for documentaries on Canadian history and culture as well.

4. Recipes

If you feel comfortable with your children cooking with you in the kitchen, then why not introduce them to various traditional Canadian recipes so you can spend some quality time together on Canada Day?

You could always teach your child how to make poutine, Montreal-style bagels, bannock, Canadian bacon with maple glaze, or even make cookies that are shaped like maple leafs and then cover them with red icing or sugar.

5. Road trips

If you happen to live in a small town and you have some extra time and money, then it may be a good idea to take your kids on a fun road trip to the nearest town or city that is planning a Canada Day celebration.

Capital cities across Canada like Ottawa, Victoria and Edmonton are well known for hosting a variety of different fun and enjoyable Canada Day activities that each member of the family can enjoy.  Granville Island in British Columbia is also notorious for hosting Canada Day celebrations which include live jazz performances, ballet dances and much more, and thousands of tourists flock to Yaletown each July to watch the annual Canada Day bike race as well.

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she’s written on online theater design programs along with court reporting jobs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, playing piano, and working with origami.