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3 Tips for Planning Your Next Family Game Night (Granny’s Candies Game #Giveaway)

Every week we have a family night.

These family nights happen on Saturdays for the most part.  Some weeks it involves a movie and popcorn and some weeks it involves playing games around the table.  My husband and I feel that family nights are an important part of our family structure.  These nights lend themselves to laughing and talking with our kids.  Spending time with our kids helps them want to spend time with us, and in-turn let them know that we are there for them should they need anything.

3 tips family game night

3 Tips for Planning Your Next Family Game Night


#1. Pick A Day/Evening That Won’t Have Any Distractions — Like I mentioned, our family nights generally take place on Saturdays.  This is a day of the week where we have no meetings (for work or church) and can generally spend the whole day as a family.  This is a day that our kids can count on us doing something together.  It gives them (and us) something to look forward to.

#2. Find A Time of Day That Works Best For Your Family —  Our family nights take place after supper.  After the dishes are cleared and the kids have had their Saturday night baths.  We find that after bath time, the kids are relaxed and ready to be kind and considerate during game play.  For some of you, before bath time might work better.

#3. Find A Game That Spans Age Groups & Can Grow With Your Family — Game time as a family is fun, but when you are playing the same preschool aged games over and over again, older siblings (and even us parents) can get bored quickly.  A game such as Granny’s Candies from Super Duper Publications is the perfect game for parents, younger and older siblings to enjoy together!

Granny's Candies

Not only does Granny’s Candies span all age groups, kids will learn important vocabulary skills all while having fun.

First, you fill up the candy jars on the board with the soft, colorful tokens called the “candy”.  This is the perfect activity for those preschool aged kids.  Color sorting helps children understand things are alike and different.  It can also help them work on their colors.

Granny's Candies

Next players choose a question card from one of eight areas.  You can stick to one category during the game or mix and match.

Granny's Candies

The 8 different categories are:

  1. What belongs in this group?
  2. Which one doesn’t belong?
  3. Give a describing word.
  4. How are they alike?
  5. What do these have in common?
  6. What is this used for?
  7. How are they different?
  8. Give an action word.

Once a category is chosen, players then answer the questions, roll the die, and pick candy from the jars.

Granny's Candies Game

The player with the most “candy” at the end of the game wins.  This is a great number activity.  Getting the kids to count how many pieces of candy they had at the end of the game was a great counting activity.

Granny's Candies

Super Duper Publications has many other great educational games and products that make learning fun for kids.  They even have bilingual tools and educational activities for those who have autism.

That’s how we “do” family game night.


1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a $50 spending credit to Super Duper Publications!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us what you do to spend time as a family.

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Chelsea R

Sunday 14th of April 2013

We love board games, crafts, trips to the park, and reading together

Barbie Squires

Sunday 14th of April 2013

We have a movie and pizza / junk food night. My favorite is having super together every night at the table and having some awesome chats. We also do crafts, diy projects, boards games and cards. We also love playing video games, going for walks and winter outdoor fun. I love spending time with my family.

brandi gauvin

Sunday 14th of April 2013

we have dinners :3

Terri O'D

Sunday 14th of April 2013

We do crafts, bake, go camping, swimming, skating & play at the park as a family

Erika B

Sunday 14th of April 2013

We go for walks, go to the park, go swimming, go to events around town, and play ball and other fun games in the summer.