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Zigo Mango, a stroller, jogging stroller & kids bike trailer {3-in-1}

Our family loves outdoor activities and now that my little one is out of the baby stage I am realizing how many different products are available for outdoor activity with little ones.
It is fairly common for families to own more than just a stroller, but who wants to store a regular stroller, a Jogging Stroller and maybe even a Kids Bike Trailer? If you have limited storage space like our family does, and you are looking for products that will last through a number of children the Zigo Mango may be a good choice.
I wish I would have known about Zigo Mango when my first daughter was born as it would have saved a lot of room and been so functional for our growing family. The Zigo Mango is a stroller, jogging stroller and kids bike trailer combination. Everything you need to stroll, bike, or run is included, no need to buy add-on kits.
Some of the Premium luxury features include:
  • padded seats
  • 5 point safety harness
  • reflective striping
  • 4 point shock absorbers
  • Multi-position adjustable pushbar
  • Dual drum brakes
  • Optional Deluxe Environmental Control System (mesh screen and wind/rain guard)

The Zigo Mango is available in Mango Yellow and Mango Red and is made by Zigo, maker of the super cool Zigo Leader Carrier Bike.

We have an umbrella stroller,  a jogging stroller, a bike trailer and we used to also have a carseat/stroller combo…think of all the space I could have saved! So tell me, how many different products like this do you own?