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3 Bags Full #Giveaway


3 Bags Full is a knit bag filled with animal finger puppets. Each knit bag has a crocheted carrying strap and a zipper and is hand-made in Bolivia.

On each of these bags there is a hand-painted scene using non-toxic fabric paint, and there are 6 themes to choose from: Arctic, Farm, Garden, Jungle, Ocean, and Woods.

In each of these bags there comes 8 hand crocheted animal finger puppets associated with each theme.


These finger puppets can be used to put on a puppet show of the child’s imagination or to snap to the scene on the bag to create a story.

Another GREAT way to enjoy these finger puppet sets is to find a book in your house that you can connect these finger puppets to. Use this opportunity to cuddle up on the couch with your children and read to them while they either act out the story with their puppets or set up a scene on the bag.

3 Bags Full also provides a List of Books (Titles, Author & ISBN #) that you could use with each puppet bag.

Check out their Facebook Page for regular discount codes.


My children have always enjoyed playing with puppets and using their imaginations. So when we received the Woods pouch for review I knew they would love it!

In Woods pouch comes a bear, cardinal, bat, porcupine, skunk, squirrel, swan & turtle.

I love the quality of these puppets. They are crocheted and strong making these a toy that will last for a long time, which is great. As children grow and learn to read books on their own these will still remain a great tool for connecting children to their books and imaginations.


My kids wasted no time at all in deciding who in the family would get to be which animal and immediately started to put on a “show”.


When I showed them that these puppets could snap onto the bag that came with it, my daughter was especially excited and spent lots of time placing the animals in one spot while telling me a story and then promptly re-arranging them to tell another story.


These puppet pouches would make a great gift and are a wonderful quiet time activity.






Vania Riveroestablished Ayni Bolivia in 2002. A well educated and privileged woman, Vania wanted to help poor indigenous women improve their standard of living and develop self esteem through the production of well made handicrafts. The business is built upon Fair Trade principles.


Disclaimer: I received a product for testing it out and giving my own personal opinions of it. As always, the views are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation from 3 Bags Full to write this post. This post is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other network. This post is the property of Mommy Moment™ and/or its above sponsor.

Jill L

Sunday 28th of August 2011

I love the Garden pouch.

Paula Hafner

Sunday 28th of August 2011

I would pick the Farm Set to go with the book Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor.

Connie G

Sunday 28th of August 2011

I would love the Farm Finger Puppet Pouches to go with Old McDonald. Connie G CGruning at aol(dot)com

Jodi Kershuk

Sunday 28th of August 2011

The jungle scene would be best here. We h ave lots of books that this would go with like 5 little monkeys and goodnight gorilla.

Laura Emerson

Sunday 28th of August 2011

I would love to see this in ours and all other Base Exchanges.